Remap Your DJM for Serato DJ Pro

It’s highly likely you’ll find a mixer from Pioneer’s DJM range when stepping into the DJ booth of a club, and you may find yourself wanting to MIDI map Serato DJ Pro functions to some of these mixers.

Have a look through some of our suggested ways below to MIDI map Pioneer’s Club Kit supported range in Serato DJ Pro. Implement the ideas you like or create your own MIDI mappings to suit your needs.

Sound Color FX

The Sound Color FX section of each of these mixers works well for mapping to Serato DJ Pro's FX. Link each of these 6 buttons to activate your favourite FX in Serato DJ Pro.

This section can also work well when mapped to Serato DJ Pro's Sampler(although two of the sample slots will be left out). The DJM-900NXS2 also has a parameter knob within this section which works well when used as the sampler's master volume.

While these mappings will take over the mixer's native filter, you can remap the filter knobs to Serato DJ Pro's own filter.

EQ Section

You'll often only use 2 channels while DJing, this gives you 2 spare channels on these mixers to map however you wish.

After mapping Serato DJ Pro's FX you could use 2 of the spare EQ sections for adjusting FX parameters.

Any of the knobs in this section would also serve as good key changing controls.

Channel Faders

Unused faders will also work as key changing controls. Cycling through keys with this method opens creative and musical possibilities demonstrated here.

Faders are also great for being used as tempo adjustment sliders for decks that are in internal mode.

Cue Buttons

Each channel also has a Cue button, while you'll need the cue buttons on the channels you're playing tracks through. The unused buttons are ideal for mapping to functions such as Instant Doubles, Sync, Start/Stop etc. 

-Check the MIDI mapping tutorial for info on how to MIDI map hardware with Serato DJ Pro.

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