The Power Of Music

We’ve been doing some thinking about who we are. Over the next six months, we’re going to be trying to get everything we do and say to reflect this. In marketing terms it’s brand positioning, but in reality it’s about making every part of our organisation true to itself.

“Music is life. That’s my blood in my veins, that’s my heartbeat,“ - DJ Jazzy Jeff.

What is this power music has over us? This thing inside, that speaks straight to our souls? It’s one of those questions that we always kick around late at night, just after things have gotten mellow and just before they start getting stupid. For DJ Carisma, it’s a key part of what makes us human. For Maimouna Youssef, it’s a gift and a curse. For DJ Dahi, it’s a way of thinking and communicating with the world. Truth is, it’s all these things and more.

As a company that spends a lot of time arms-deep in tech, it’s why we do what we do. Now that we’ve grown up a little (well...sort of), we’ve evolved and branched out. One thing has stayed the same though - it's the power of music that moves us. It unites every one of us. It’s the lifeblood of our artists and audiences.

If we look back, this power was always there, right when we first started. It drove us to develop tech that made music more intuitive, more powerful and more creative. From the birth of Pitch ‘n Time to propelling DJing into the digital era. These are the moments we remember. It's the freedom of dark dancefloors. It's being lost in the groove. When DJ and dancer cease to be separate.

Serato. The Power of Music.

Comments (4)

djfreshremixes 4:08 AM - 13 July, 2017
This so true. Music reaches you on a spiritual level and just clears your mind to focus on the here and now and just get lost in the present. That is what makes music so great
Dj-Amaro Rodriguez 4:43 PM - 14 July, 2017
Life is Music
Only When You Smoke 8:10 PM - 15 July, 2017
Music for me is feelings
Sentimientos que has vivido con tus amigos con tu amor con tus pets con tu familia atraves del tiempo desde mi infancia. Sentimientos que he vivido con mi público desde 1975 en acapulco desde que empecé a ser DJ.
LA música para mi es ritmo, es sentimiento es movimiento y es un recuerdo que vivirá hasta que muera.
I love Music (Ojay's) Namaste
blulabel 4:11 PM - 19 July, 2017
Nada Brahma