Free Loopmasters Content For Serato Sample

Serato Sample - our highly anticipated VST plugin - is now available for you to use. If you’d like to test the waters in music production or you’re wanting to explore new ways of improving your sampling workflow then you can start a free 30-day trial now.

To help you get started we’ve teamed up with Loopmasters and curated two free sample packs that you can use when you start a free trial or buy our plugin.

When you trial Serato Sample, you’ll be able to download a free pack of 20 Loopmasters samples. This pack includes textures, drum breaks, solo instruments, FX and percussion.

If you purchase Serato Sample, you’ll get access to an additional pack of 50 Loopmasters Samples, giving you a total 70 audio files to start making music with.

Head on over to our Free Stuff page to grab the free Loopmasters Sample Packs. If you want to increase your sample inventory further, visit and they’ll give you 30% off your first purchase.

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leonaE102 12:51 AM - 25 July, 2017
I am new to the site and by reading this blog I am really glad to have inscribed myself.
It's a really interesting topic.
Thank you.
Earwyn 3:00 PM - 15 February, 2018
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