How to Chop 'n Screw tracks with Serato DJ and DJ Mist


DJ Mist from Dub Academy in Texas, shows us how to "Chop" using the Slicer, and Screw tracks by setting the control tone to 45 in the Serato DJ setup menu.  

Check out the Pro Tip HERE

From wikipedia - 

"Chopped and screwed (sometimes called screwed and chopped or slowed and throwed) refers to a technique of remixinghip hop music which developed in the Houston hip hop scene in the early 1990s. This is accomplished by slowing the tempo down to between 60 and 70 quarter-note beats per minute and applying techniques such as skipping beats, record scratchingstop-time, and affecting portions of the music to make a "chopped-up" version of the original.

DJ Screw is largely recognized as the innovator behind the chopped and screwed genre.

DJ Screw's key technique involved playing the same record on both turntables with a delay between them of one beat and quickly moving the crossfader side to side. This created an effect where the words or beats in a song were repeated without interrupting its tempo.

Today it is still common to see screwed and chopped versions of mixtapes and albums released alongside the regular speed versions, sometimes in a double disc format with one disc screwed and the other regular speed."

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Don Nattus 8:57 PM - 25 March, 2017
To work better, they could put the 33 and 45 buttons on the decks instead in Setup.
dj alexto 1:46 PM - 7 April, 2017
link is not working..
Eddie L Kain Jr 3:10 AM - 22 April, 2017
link doesnt work
D' 7:21 PM - 22 April, 2017
Link from the Serato Facebook page:
djmel 5:00 AM - 25 April, 2017
i used to do what don nat said on ssl 2.0 when the had the 33 n 45 tab right on the main virtual decks. chopped and screwed on the fly at the click of button but sdj has not given that back to us.....smh i hope they do
Mr. Goodkat 5:16 AM - 4 August, 2017
this has got to be the weirdest all time serato forum thread
Amandagrey 8:36 AM - 13 August, 2017
I can easily do that with Spark DJ! I've been into DJing these days and I love how these music turn out. The app's an absolute surpise! It has dope playlists and takes requests. You can download it here: And just recently, I got several of my mashups shared on soundcloud. I'm thinking of starting a blog, too.
Mr. Goodkat 4:50 AM - 15 August, 2017