NAMM 2017 Day Three

Day three:

Saturday had a slew of big name appearances with none bigger than the two legendary Invisibl Skratch Piklz - Mix Master Mike and Q-Bert performing together at the Pioneer DJ booth. The booth was packed to see these legends demonstrate why they are the innovators of turntable culture and still revolutionising the limits of it.

DJ Paul of Three6Mafia was emphatically impressed with the DJ808 at the Roland booth, accompanied by the OG Mannie Fresh.

Serato’s own Dstrukt had an incredible performance there as well, which we are all very proud of and you can check that out HERE

After the convention closed we headed over to the after party in Orange, where the SCVCG (Serato control vinyl collectors group) were holding their annual NAMM event.

There was a very special announcement and debut of the forthcoming 7” Serato Control Vinyl release. You’ll likely start seeing these grace the turntables of portablists and donut lovers worldwide!

Check out the Seratohq snapchat for more highlights and in the moment info for the last day today!

Comments (4)

Dax 8:45 AM - 23 January, 2017
7” Serato Control ....about bloody time
aleksey 6:48 PM - 24 January, 2017
Ohhhhh yes ;-)
Todd12 5:02 AM - 29 January, 2018
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