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17 January, 2017

Denon DJ SC5000 and X1800, forthcoming in Serato DJ

Denon DJ recently announced some exciting new pieces of hardware, and Serato are really excited to announce forthcoming official support for the new Denon DJ SC5000 Media Player and X1800 Mixer in a future release.

Read on for more information and features: 

Denon DJ SC5000 Media Player

The Denon DJ SC5000 Prime digital DJ Media Player has a high definition, hi-contrast display that enables multi-touch gestures for the ultimate in latency-free, tactile track navigation, load and playback. The SC5000 offers dual-layer deck capability and an 8-inch rugged jogwheel with central display that displays either current playing track or custom artwork.

Available with official support with a future Serato DJ release, the SC5000 will control over your Serato DJ library, and features such as Cues, Loops and more.


  • 7-inch HD display with multi-touch gestures
  • 24-bit/96kHz digital audio outputs
  • Dual-layer playback with individual audio outputs
  • Plays uncompressed audio formats (FLAC, ALAC, WAV)
  • 8 multifunction trigger pads for Cues, Loops, Slices and Rolls
  • 8-inch rugged metal jog wheel with HD central display
  • Customizable RGB color around the jog wheel
  • (3) USB and (1) SD input for music playback
  • LAN output to link to up to four players
Denon DJ X1800 Mixer

The Denon DJ X1800 Prime is a 4-Channel Pro DJ club mixer, familiar in layout but with a bunch new exciting features to add to your performance. The X1800 Prime brings dedicated Sweep and BPM FX controls, delivering multi-themed effects for each channel, along with the X1800’s expressive EQ and Isolation.

Available in a future release of Serato DJ, the Denon DJ X1800 will be Serato DJ & DVS Upgrade ready for plug-and-play control of Serato DJ.


  • 4-Channel Digital Mixer with (4) phono/line switchable channels
  • BPM FX section with frequency controlled ‘Band-Isolation’
  • Dual USB audio connections for software and audio devices.
  • Dedicated Sweep and BPM FX Knobs — high-quality effects for each channel with a single knob turn
  • Expressive EQ – choose Classic or Isolation modes and an Adjustable Filter Resonance Control 
  • ‘Engine Connect’ protocol for beatgrid locked FX 
  • Expressive Denon DJ ‘Flex-Fader’, Crossfader
  • Connect MIDI based effects and instruments
  • 24-bit/96kHz digital output for uncompromised audio quality
  • Crisp OLED screen for precise menu based adjustments
  • (4) Digital inputs for high-resolution audio mixing
  • LAN Hub for up to four players or accessories
  • Rugged metal construction

Feel free to hit us up in the comments below if you have any questions :)

Keep an eye out for other NAMM updates here.

Comments (42)

J.J. 6:46 AM - 17 January, 2017
Where is the 9" Direct Drive Prime?
Ceniv 7:13 AM - 17 January, 2017
..what a waste..they should improve the 9300 not this pioneer style kids toy shi..and the mixer too..performance pad and a sick crossfader thats it..or a sequencer might be a game changer for denon.btw i still have the 3500..and still turning and turning and turning...
KevinDeeJay 7:28 AM - 17 January, 2017
No futures updates for the 3700's? That's sad!
dj zaza 1:10 PM - 17 January, 2017
Incoming updating yet another beta or to support new products, and old demands for years still left there hanging.👌🏻😡
Direktion 4:48 PM - 17 January, 2017
Awesome news - these new products from Denon look amazing!
Direktion 4:50 PM - 17 January, 2017
..what a waste..they should improve the 9300 not this pioneer style kids toy shi..and the mixer too..performance pad and a sick crossfader thats it..or a sequencer might be a game changer for denon.btw i still have the 3500..and still turning and turning and turning...

You're kidding, right? This is a MASSIVE improvement from the 3900. Aside from the non-motorised platters, and missing CD drive (which is old tech) - the 5000 has tonnes more features than the 3900. I had a 3900 and it was a cool unit (had the 2900 too), but I think the 5000 leaves it for dead, and it's far from a toy.

Re: mixer. It's not made specifically for scratch DJ's. Denon seems to be more about club/mix DJ's and the 1800 is the perfect partner for these media players.
benictrs 11:23 PM - 17 January, 2017
Soo , if i buy a setup of 2 players & the mixer from denon . is the soundcard of the player used ? or that of the mixer ?
I ask this because i'm curious if the players will be like the CDJ's from pioneer ? Expensive hid controler but with the sound comming from the " serato dj certified " mixer/soundcard . . . . ?
Thx in advance for your reply .
deejdave 12:42 AM - 18 January, 2017
Where is the 9" Direct Drive Prime?

Denon decided it would be nice to make money for a change ;)
Asu 2:28 AM - 18 January, 2017
Where is the 9" Direct Drive Prime?

I think that's coming up at some point...they have to spread it out...SC5500 with CD/DVD and motorized Platter
OneMoabyte 4:30 AM - 21 January, 2017
Will never sell, should have just updated the hs5500, you dropped the ball on that one. You also abandoned the x1600 and x1700 mixers and they do more than this POS.
OneMoabyte 4:31 AM - 21 January, 2017
I bought the DS1 for serato and decided to keep my hs5500's and x1600 for another 10 years.
nikodb 7:09 PM - 24 January, 2017
Speaking of sc5000....Will it be offered as a serato accessory only ? or is there a chance to be used as a soundcard as well....
OnlyMe 4:45 PM - 27 January, 2017
Dear Serato,
It's really good to hear you will support the new Denon mixer and I wondered whether after doing this you could also consider adding support for the X1600 and X1700 mixers, plenty of people using those mixers would become customers if you did, it would be win win. It really would be massive for me, I wish I could use Serato with the x1700. Please think about adding support for these two mixers too.
Ceniv 7:27 AM - 31 January, 2017
..that's my point i'm a scratch DJ and if you want to take over the market it's should appeal for everybody..give the consumers what other companies can't provide..when it come to skills SC3900 will elevate your talent...anyways you only use the essentials in what the 5000 is the TURNTABLE it's still the measurement of your so called can't handle a TT you don't have my respect.
deejdave 9:38 PM - 31 January, 2017
You are implying that Scratch DJ's make up the majority of the market............... they do not. There is MUCH more money to be made by catering to the majority. Denon has already attempted the moving platter thing and it worked on some level but who purposely strives to play second (which let's be honest they did not even do that) best to MUCH bigger names? Perhaps it is time to market to the actual market and see what they can make of it. After (if) they pull in some real revenue then perhaps go back to their roots and make their loyal core customers happy. This is basic economics.
deejdave 9:42 PM - 31 January, 2017
Again don't get me wrong I do certainly hope Denon makes a moving platter in the future to satisfy the ones who got "let down" here but I am not going to say I don't understand why they made this move. In all honesty it was obvious from the beginning and most should have known these would not be moving platters in the first place. The lack of popularity (big picture) with the moving platter units should have taught us this if nothing else.
J.J. 10:05 PM - 31 January, 2017
Why not do both? Satisfy both customers.

I would love a VL12 Prime, but I'm tired of dusting and buying Serato’s NoiseMap Control Tone records, needles, stylus, butterrugs etc.

Just combine the new DD VL12 into a 9" 5900 Prime and I'll buy 2 on day one.
deejdave 12:01 AM - 1 February, 2017
Well that is exactly what I am talking about. Who is saying they won't. I am willing to bet the new Prime players and mixer will pull in way more revenue than all their moving platter hardware combined so perhaps they will allocate some of said money for their niche community.
Djblisss 1:25 AM - 1 February, 2017
A huge improvement in tech no rants people Pioneer DJ has to now update the hardware. A real run for the money. Nice Job Denon DJ a more elaborate touch screen player which is user customizable. I will be trying and thinking of my options. Vinyl is the best but this is pretty. It will turn heads!
Ceniv 9:23 AM - 2 February, 2017
..just give me a rotating platter option on sc5000 and i will sell my Technics and Denon SL1.Period
Ceniv 9:27 AM - 2 February, 2017
...i mean DS1..oh BTW ill stick to pioneer S9 when it comes to mixer.
Deejay Frode 12:06 AM - 22 February, 2017
Great news! Will this be compatible without external Serato sound-card?
I hope to get an answer! (Positive ;) )
kvnkrz 12:48 PM - 12 April, 2017
Any updates on this?
benictrs 7:19 PM - 12 April, 2017
What about new software for the mcx8000?
Thomas.T 10:43 PM - 5 June, 2017
any update for supporting sc5000 hid ?
DJ Barticus 11:38 PM - 12 June, 2017
any update for supporting sc5000 hid ?
kvnkrz 12:19 AM - 26 June, 2017
any update for supporting sc5000 hid ?

DJ Yaitanis 9:07 AM - 12 July, 2017
Now that these are hitting what is the path forward Serato???
The Official Dj ShyGuy 2:05 PM - 29 July, 2017
Any updates for usage with Denon SC5000? Time frame?
kvnkrz 5:13 PM - 29 July, 2017
Any updates for usage with Denon SC5000? Time frame?

At least a beta? So we can give it a try??
kvnkrz 5:05 AM - 1 August, 2017
Someone saw @jsnwil 's stories on IG? I think it may be on it's way!
solidsteve 9:12 PM - 8 August, 2017
Come on the wait is killing me
OneMoabyte 11:50 PM - 21 August, 2017
We're all going to buy Rane 12's, Bye Bye Denon.
kvnkrz 11:52 PM - 21 August, 2017
12 and a 72 it is, but cmon no support for rhe sc5ks...
deejdave 12:39 AM - 22 August, 2017
We're all going to buy Rane 12's, Bye Bye Denon.

They are both owned by the same company................
kvnkrz 1:03 AM - 22 August, 2017
We're all going to buy Rane 12's, Bye Bye Denon.

They are both owned by the same company................

Exactly .. They want to own Turntablists , edm djs and more!
They're doing great!
OneMoabyte 3:38 PM - 23 August, 2017
Personally, I'd love to see someone put out some solid touring build quality, open source hardware.
deejdave 4:07 PM - 23 August, 2017
Where would the funding for this come from?
kvnkrz 12:19 PM - 30 August, 2017
Phunkedup 9:03 AM - 4 September, 2017
We are denon prime dealers supplying the rental and events market and our clients have been waiting for support by serato dj for the prime players and mixer series before committing to changing their riders... awhile ago now I registered interest in being a beta tester for seratodj but never heard anything back.. we are ideally placed to provide feedback and in the field testing for anything regarding these products with serato dj... hopefully this post is picked up by anyone on the serato team or could anyone point me in the general direction as to who I need to contact.... many thanks
kvnkrz 2:42 PM - 9 September, 2017
Opmiller spptted in the lab, testing outbthe peime series!!
kvnkrz 12:43 PM - 19 September, 2017
More videos of the players on the desk in BL!


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