Red Bull Thre3style World Finals: Day 6

Noon was the time set for the wildcard draw. Trapment from Canada was the lucky winner and had a few hours ahead of him to fine tune his set for the Grand Final!


Up first JFB set the tone for the night with his trademark hyper juggles and cuts. Having made some clever adjustments from his previous set, JFB threw in some refreshing tracks. However hearing "Hypnotize" and "Next Episode" and the tone play he used in his previous set was a bit repetitive and it would leave him vulnerable to the competition. Winning the crowd by playing their national anthem put him in good standing and a clever routine with a piano version of Super Mario theme mixed with the OG theme was clever and lively.

Trapment - Canada

the lucky wildcard winner set it up with a raucous hard rock start with a larger than life sound. Trapment had quickly adapted this new set to be tailored for the local crowd literally working on it right up until performance. Executed with ferocity and precision this was looking to make a very strong impact on the finals. Working the crowd to a frenzy it was a fantastic curation of songs but with one thing lacking... a couple of technical highlights that would guarantee him an edge over the wizardry of his opponents. The end of the set strongly finishing with a theatrical exit to the tune of Whitney Houston "I will always love you" dedicated to Santiago, Chile.

Beast Mode - Australia

The winner of the previous night had a brand new set that was easily as good as his previous, despite having any time to enjoy the victory. Beast mode had to put everything into this performance. Despite luck not being on his side with a broken needle mid set, beast mode valiantly executed a fantastic set and maintained it without missing a beat. Donning a blind fold to demonstrate his skills with a perfect beat juggle. The set grew nicely in energy but the niche track selection didn't quite ignite the crowd. He displayed some great energy on stage, ripping off his shirt to reveal he was wearing the Chilean Colo-Colo soccer team's shirt, and then remixing some cueca (Chilean folk music) for a strong finale.

Puffy - Barbados

Puffy wasted no time to engage the crowd and got their hands clapping along to "Real Love" by Clean bandit, which the crowd was clearly into. He worked the crowd with everything he had, and played the most interesting and original track selection of the week. Puffy's personality and energy is intoxicating. His great taste in music made for one of the most enjoyable sets to listen to. With some exclusive dubplates and increased energy Puffy had the crowd chanting his name. A sure spot at the title.

You-Ki - Japan

You-Ki's set was just as precise as his first performance on Thursday. All his fantastic tone play and word play routines with choice track selection and well rehearsed transitions were absolutely champion material. The dynamic set entertained the crowd and with such a well balanced blend of skill, originality, cool songs and crowd-pleasing interaction, this was looking good for You-ki. His final track (El Juego Verdadero by Tiro de Garcia) had the whole crowd singing along while he waved the Chilean flag. The only thing holding him back was the reputation of material from his first set. It really worked for this crowd though and it looked like he was the people's champ.

A tough decision for the judges tonight with so much talent..

3rd - Beast Mode
2nd - Trapment

2016 Thre3style World Champion: Puffy from Barbados!

Watch his winning set via DJ City:

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dj eacy 7:00 PM - 5 May, 2017
dise guy real good he is ah prfessional