Try SoundSwitch 1.0 - Available Now

SoundSwitch 1.0 Now Available

SoundSwitch gives DJs the ability to seamlessly integrate DMX lighting with live audio by attaching lighting cues/effects to audio files so when played through Serato DJ the customised lighting display occurs automatically.

SoundSwitch 1.0 is now available, and you can now download and trial the software before purchasing the hardware, meaning you can set up lighting for tracks and give the software a go before purchase.

SoundSwitch key features include:

  • Familiar DAW style track based editing
  • Attach custom lighting scripts to individual audio tracks
  • Playback lighting scripts synced with Serato DJ
  • Use crossfader and upfaders to blend lighting Scripts and Autoloops
  • Cloud based fixture library
  • Autoloops
  • Venues Tabs let DJs setup seven different lighting rigs
  • Performance Mode hot keys

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