Crew Love is True Love!

Crew Love is a collaborative concept from Wolf + Lamb, Soul Clap Records and Double Standard - three record labels known for their devotion to music that challenges the mind, moves the heart and sways the hips. 

More specifically, the Crew Love family are a collective of DJ’s, producers and musicians based out of NY, USA consisting of Wolf + Lamb, Soul Clap, No Regular Play, Slow Hands, Nick Monaco, Pillow Talk and Navid Izadi. The group radiate positive vibes and live up to their tagline, “Crew Love is True Love” while travelling the globe sharing their music and love. 

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Serato had the pleasure of collaborating with Crew Love for a very special, and Crew Love’s first collaborative 3 LP vinyl set, with all new music doubled with Serato control tone.

Buy the Crew Love x Serato "Based on a True Story" Pressing.

Check out more from Crew Love on their Serato Artist Page.