Now Available - Serato x Low End Theory control vinyl

From esoteric club night to a figurehead of the LA underground, the Low End Theory collective and residency has undergone a meteoric rise since it began nearly 10 years ago.

In light of this, we're extremely #blessed to bring you an exclusive Low End Theory x Serato collaboration - not to mention the first Low End Theory vinyl in history, available now on the Serato Online Store.

Featuring original joints from residents The Gaslamp Killer, Daddy Kev, D-Styles and Nobody, it's a collection of jazz-inspired hip hop instrumentals, heavy extra-terrestrial beats, acappellas, and scratch sentences. Comprising music on the A and C sides and Serato Control Tone on the B and D sides, this is both a showcase of signature L.E.T sounds and an imaginative tool for DJs. 

The vinyl is a unique black and white splatter, with original jacket and label artwork by surreal collagist Albane Simon.

We caught up with the Low End Theory crew during the second annual L.E.T Festival last year to discuss the pressing in depth. Check out the interview and watch some mesmerising scenes from this visually stunning showcase below. 


A1: Nocando - A Cappella #1

A2: Nobody - BGH Rhythm Track

A3: Daddy Kev - Strong Johnson

A4: GLK - Up and Down

A5: D-Styles - Scratch Sentences #1

B1: Serato Control Tone - CV02.5 (15min) 

C1: Nobody - On Our Way to Steal Your Girl

C2: Daddy Kev - Owl of Minerva

C3 : GLK - Oscillating Lucifer

C4: Nocando - A Cappella #2

C5: D-Styles - Scratch Sentences #2

D1 : Serato Control Tone - CV02.5 (15min)

Buy now from the Serato Online Store

Comments (10)

Jose Lara 12:02 AM - 19 January, 2016
dj jelly 1:14 AM - 19 January, 2016
just purchased it! waiting for the fed=ex folk right now!
DUMPSTER 2:10 AM - 19 January, 2016
55$ shipping to the US ufff FML
DUNC4N 5:20 PM - 20 January, 2016
yeah, was about to purchase but shipping doubles the price?? nah.
deejdave 4:20 PM - 1 February, 2016
55$ shipping to the US ufff FML

You may be on the wrong site. Mke sure you are not shopping on the eu site etc. US shipping was $12.50 for me but when I purposely go to the wrong site I get charged $52.50 Correct site for US - $12.50 shipping to US. Incorrect site for US - $52.50 shipping to US.
deejdave 4:21 PM - 1 February, 2016
Not that this helps all that much as they are sold out here. Notice all the vinyl available from the other store and not the US. Really displays the overwhelming power of US commerce............ or maybe displays the concept of our loose wallets LMAO!!
DJ Joe Vee 5:58 AM - 3 February, 2016
Are you guys getting some more
deejdave 2:15 PM - 3 February, 2016
Can be found at other stores online.
Dj freshblaze 6:45 AM - 27 February, 2017
Hello everybody
leya peter 7:32 AM - 11 October, 2017
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