DJ Vertigos "Serato Synth Live"

It's always great to hear from the community. This video was sent to us by DJ Vertigo, after being in touch with our support team. Watch a really cool performance using the new key shifting features in Pitch 'n Time DJ, put together in a very innovative way :)

Here's how...

"Basically I had always wanted a MIDI controlled turntable from Vestax so I could get really musical and spontaneous with my cuts, but I never had the means.

When Serato DJ 1.8 came out with the new key change feature it got me thinking. I knew I wouldn’t be able to map a musical keybed to a single control in Serato, but I knew I could in Ableton, so I had to find a way to bridge (pardon the pun) the two softwares together.

Unfortunately I don’t know anything about programming but I know how to put a Live rack together and know how to use Google.

After a lot of trial and error, I found a Max 4 Live device that could basically send out MIDI info from a macro knob. So I mapped the 2 octave keyboard to a knob on that Live device, opened up the MIDI mapping panel in Serato DJ, clicked on the key change knob that I wanted to map, pushed a key on the keyboard and voila! It mapped out perfectly with the middle C note acting as zero key change and the rest of the keys jumping to the corresponding musical value. I’ve found this set up to be amazing, added with the FX in Serato DJ you basically have a synth that can be scratched!"

Send us your performances! We're always looking out to see interesting ways our community is using Serato DJ :)