Do-Over: 10 Years of Ruining Monday

It's a special kind of party that keeps going for 10 years.

The Do-Over, probably the best party on the planet, reached this milestone this year. We talked to founding fathers, Chris Haycock, Jamie Strong and Aloe Blacc about the history of the party and how they plan on making it 20 years.

To celebrate a decade of parties, the team are hitting 10 cities in one day with their stable of very special mystery DJs. Toronto, Portland, Atlanta, Detroit, Hollywood, New York City, Paris, Austin, Honolulu and Miami.

Details of each event and RSVP here.

All presented by adidas OriginalsSerato and friends.

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sadadsadasd 4:22 AM - 1 August, 2015
dj jumpman 10:53 PM - 2 August, 2015
Richard Bean 11:44 PM - 6 August, 2015
No Chicago!???
DJ BULL BANGER 1:54 AM - 7 August, 2015
how can we be one of the djs to be in it?
dlucero7 2:44 AM - 7 August, 2015
How can I get in on this or the next one?
DJ Art Pumpin Payne 2:44 AM - 7 August, 2015
Oh Shit - Detroit YEAH!!! - RSVPing now.....

Wait where and who's playing - lol
DJ Art Pumpin Payne 2:47 AM - 7 August, 2015
Oh Shit - Detroit YEAH!!!!

TV Lounge - ok I can do that one....
Corsica Connection 11:55 AM - 7 August, 2015
We know nothing about the Do Over Parties. We are a Collectif of Djs and Live artists in Techno, House and Eletro music for over 25 years and no electronic event has taken place in Corsica without us being part of it. We play a Father and Son Dj set " Seymour & Louksor ", we play in all corsican festivals, Calvi on the Rocks, Cargese Sound System, Porto Vecchio Festival, Porto Latino, Discotheques such as Via Notte, Amnesia, and ADE festival, in Amsterdam, as well as clubs in Paris. We'd love to participate to your Do Over parties, how do we go about it?Also we play on Serato vynil and CD. Thank you for your news.

Djs: Louksor ( You Tube ) Seymour, Lô, Benton, Odz
Live: High Angle Shot, Acid Child ( Facebook, Soundcloud )

Pierre Bronchain Orsoni
nik39 2:57 PM - 7 August, 2015
Great idea, wait... What? No do-over in Germany??
YoSoL1SeratoMU-J 7:52 PM - 7 August, 2015
MeUSeeI1C 11 it.
nik39 8:58 AM - 8 August, 2015
That's a great idea. :) but wait... Why isn't there any do-over in Germany?
deejdave 11:14 PM - 9 August, 2015
Test 2
DJ Duben De Fresh 11:58 PM - 10 August, 2015
How can i host a "Do Over" party here in Curacao Island (Caribbean)
YoSoL1SeratoMU-J 6:33 PM - 22 August, 2015
MU-J got videos and recorder how thing went NOT so well and very wrong.

Beside it a FREE admission.

MU<3SIC still showing L8VE. Thanks a lot for the waste of time LURE's Security Guards in Los Angeles..... Ivar / Sunset.

L8VE = means LOVE to the Haters.

MU<3SIC got no 8s. What your problem(s)?

Y'all know "Me"USIC. WHY can we ALL be treated EQUALLY.

WE are the LOV<3LY fans too.