Now Available: Serato DJ 1.7.4

The very latest update to Serato DJ is now available, 1.7.4. 

If you own a Pioneer DJM-850, 900NXS or Allen & Heath Xone:DB2, DB4 or 43C you will now be able to plug and play with Serato DJ using the Serato DJ Club Kit. Find out how to try this out.

Beat Jump, a new feature to Serato DJ that allows you to instantly jump forward or backwards in your track by a pre-determined amount, perfectly in time. This feature is great for giving yourself more time to mix, jumping straight to the hook and skipping that slow section in the track. 

Video Master FX, is a new feature for Serato Video users. This lets you apply video FX to the master video output rather than per channel, giving you another powerful and simple way to add interest to your sets.

MP3+G file support AKA Karaoke file support. Everyone secretly loves Karaoke.

Serato DJ now supports multiple languages! We now speak German, Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese and Portuguese.

We've made some important improvements to CDJ response when using HID mode. DJs who like to scratch will notice the differences here.

You can now disable the needle strip search feature on controllers that have this during track playback. This is something the community has been very vocal about so we're happy to offer this!

If anyone remembers the "buffer king" easter egg in Scratch Live, we now offer an "EQ coloured waveforms" option in Serato DJ. Enabling this feature will cause the waveform colour in Serato DJ to change, reflecting your EQ changes. This is only available for controllers and MIDI enabled mixers.

Other changes and improvements:

  • Audio improvement when fast scratching with Pitch 'n Time DJ
  • Improved delay compensation adjustment for Serato Video
  • Improved pitch knob resolution for Akai Pro AMX
  • Beat Jump mappings for all hardware with grid and parameter buttons
  • Multiple colours in HOT CUE mode for Numark NS7II
  • Auto loop range always shows selected auto loop
  • Parameter knob functionality for SAMPLER mode for Akai Pro AFX
  • LED to flash when loop is active for Akai Pro AFX
  • Primary Deck select option for other 4 Channel DVS hardware
  • MIDI mappable pitch slider available for controllers
  • Pressing CUE button while holding the platter will set the temp cue to the current position for CDJ HID mode

Added Serato DJ Accessory Support

  • Allen & Heath Xone:K1

Bug Fixes

  • Library does not appear in Serato DJ and unable to sort library columns
  • CDJs in HID mode cause hang when using USB 3.0 ports on Windows 8
  • Absolute data not working for loop size/shift in MIDI panel
  • Album Art In FLAC files is not displayed
  • Empty Genre tag always reverts to "other"
  • CDJ HID platter LED position is glitchy
  • Auto Loop Parameter does not work on Vestax VCI-380
  • Split Cue does not function correctly with Numark NS6
  • Auto loop value LED does not light up unless active on Pioneer DDJ-SR
  • Loop On output turns off after adding an active loop to a loop slot
  • Vestax VCI-400 MASTER FX mapping gets out of sync with software state
  • Tracks are not marked as played correctly for DVS mixers
  • Loop Shift not working on Numark NS7II
  • Serato Video "SaveFX" button does not light up when clicked
  • Delay Compensation does not respect pitched BPM
  • Tempo Reset on Pioneer CDJ-2000/CDJ-2000nexus does turn off
  • Pioneer CDJ-2000/CDJ-2000nexus reverse switch is mapped to censor
  • Touch Mode does not reset value for EQ video effects after touching
  • Library tracks not displayed properly
  • Only one file in Media Crate does not continue to load when in use
  • Loop shift does not shift loop when track is paused
  • Deleting tracks in search results may cause tracks to be no longer visible
  • Auto Loops are created forwards when track is playing backwards
  • MIDI mapping artist/song name causes crash
  • Cannot scroll Quantize value drop down menu correctly when midi mapped
  • Rane Sixty-Four layer 1 cue points are broken when mapped to other layers
  • Crash caused by MIDI mapping artist/track title
  • Disabling sync can causes a playhead skip with Numark V7

Additionally, various crashes and hangs were resolved.

You can update to Serato DJ 1.7.4 now. This update is recommended for all users.

If you have any issues or would like help, please contact our support team!