Now That's What I Call Serato vol.1

As the myriad of lists circulates the internet, we couldn't help getting involved. This is a pretty eclectic mix, coming from an eclectic crew here at Serato HQ. Hip Hop to Dancehall, RnB bangers through dusty house, grime and some banging techno, all put together at the office into one big ass mixtape - Now That's What I Call Serato vol.1.

Now That's What I Call Serato vol.1 by Serato on Mixcloud

Here's what some of the staff had to say about their selections:

Micah G (Support)

  • DJ Spinn & Taso - Burn That Kush

2014 was the year of footwork for me. After DJ Rashads passing, the Teklife crew put together a dope compilation album, 'Next Life', with all profits going to Rashads son. Burn That Kush was the banger on the album. Everytime I hear that halftime drop, I lose my biscuits.

  • Paleman - Beezeldub

Dark club banger. This is what I wanna hear at 3am after too many tequila shots.

  • Action Bronson - Easy Rider

Amazing track, and great music video. This track has me hyped for Action Bronsons album, 'Mr. Wonderful'. 2015 is Bronsons year.

Jamie W (Development)

Top 3 tunes… this is way to hard to decide! 

OK. ..these 3 joints have been on heavy rotation for me. 

  • Mr Scruff - We Are Coming (Max Graef remix)
  • Lay Far - Get On It
  • Andy Hart - Epsilon Girls

If you like house music and don’t know these 3 artists get out from under that rock and get googling. 


Finn J (Development)

  • Popcaan ft. Mavado - Everything Nice [remix] - Mixpak Records

This track is a about blend of cultures. On the one hand you have a swedish producer who has a rep for writing music aimed at dance floors producing something that clearly isn't that and an on form jamaican vocalist showing the versatility that vocalists from other genres seldom possess.

  • Demarco - Good Book - Raw - Good Book Riddim- H2O Records - ZJ Liquid

Perfectly sums up the current 90s renaissance that is dominating jamaica dancehall right now and Demarco drops one of the ruffest tuffest tunes he's done in years.

  • Busy Signal- Money Flow - Turf Muzik

Busy kills it on an Eek-A-Mouse tribute track. Probably one of the most talented and adaptable artists in JA right now beside Kartel.

Eddie R (Marketing)

Super hard to choose 3 out of everything in 2014! It has been a massive year of music and I could easily choose 50. But these are tracks that have consistently been in my crates throughout the year.

  • A$AP Rocky - Multiply
  • Schoolboy Q - Studio (Feat BJ The Chicago Kid)
  • B-Ju - Merianplatz (Jenovah remix)

Phil C (UX)

  • Caribou - Can’t Do Without You

It’s the only song I want to listen to at 4am.

  • Isaiah Rashad - Webbie Flow (U like)

Cos it’s so hazy.

  • Flying Lotus - Never Catch Me (feat. Kendrick Lamar)

Cos FlyLo feat. Kendrick Lamar (and the dancing kids in the video).

Logan D (Product Planning)

  • Bok Bok - Howard

This was the single from one of the best albums of the year IMO. Broken up synth dungeon-esque slow techno cold tiles huge spaces slight nugs. 

  • French Fries - U.M-An

From his Keplar album. This was one of the more chilled out tracks on the album. I like how it doesn’t really fit into any genre it’s just an awesome space theme with beautiful keys. 

  • Z-Money - Dope Boy Magic

This beat is literally just a bass synth. Do you know how good a rapper you have to be to not only make that sound good but make it a banger? There’s like years between sounds in the beat that he has to fill. I just want to slap someone when I hear this. 

Tim C (UX)



  • Marquis Hawkes - Outta This Hood (Original Mix)
  • Marquis Hawkes - Talkin' Shit (Original Mix)
  • Marquis Hawkes - Like Dat (Original Mix) 

Sam S (Artist Relations)

  • T.I - About The Money (feat. Young Thug)

This song is the best song of 2014. Thug does the best hook of a rap song ever and it was the first time I fell in love with his mental adlibs.

  • Jacques Greene - After Life After Party

This is also the best song of 2014. The second drop comes out of nowhere and makes me grin everytime like an idiot. I actually listened to this about 7 times in a row on the bus home when it came out.

  • Red Rackem - I Got Something

Best bassline of 2014. Get outta here. Whaaat?

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djnotorrious 5:35 AM - 23 December, 2014
DJ Demolition 5:08 AM - 27 December, 2014
This may be the #1 worst mix I've ever tried to endure...
DJBotz 10:19 PM - 27 January, 2015
So, about that SOFTWARE you guys are working on....
DJ ILLEE 12:31 AM - 28 January, 2015
this is absolutely horrible...