How to: Serato DJ Activation

There are a couple of different pathways to Serato DJ, depending on the hardware you have purchased. There are Serato DJ Enabled controllers which work plug-and-play with the software, and Serato DJ Upgrade Ready controllers which come with Serato DJ Intro in the box and require an upgrade license to use DJ.

We recently put together this video explaining the difference between Serato DJ Enabled and Serato DJ Upgrade Ready devices, and the activation process involved with both. We hope this helps you get up and running quickly and easily with your Serato DJ setup.

Serato DJ Enabled Explained

All Serato DJ Enabled hardware is plug-and-play, activating Serato DJ when connected. Nothing additional is required for activation.

Serato DJ Upgrade Ready Explained

If you own Serato DJ Upgrade Ready hardware, you need to purchase a Serato DJ upgrade license either in-app in Serato DJ or on the Serato Online Store. You can activate a FREE 14 day trial in app after downloading Serato DJ from

Serato DJ Activation Process

  1. Open Serato DJ.
  2. Expand the Online panel (bottom right corner of the screen).
  3. Click the START TRIAL button to start your free 14 day trial.
  4. Enter login details for or create an account. Your free 14 day Serato DJ trial will now begin.
  5. After 14 days your trial will end and you will need to purchase Serato DJ to continue using it.
  6. All Serato DJ Upgrade Ready devices require this to use Serato DJ (even if you already own a Serato DJ Enabled device).
  7. Any Serato DJ upgrade license purchased directly in-app or the Serato Online Store IS transferrable.
  8. Once you have activated the upgrade on your computer ANY Serato DJ Upgrade Ready hardware can be used.

You can log into the My Serato window at any time using your details in-app to purchase Expansion Packs and manage your activations (if you are moving between computers).

If you have any questions about anything covered in this video hit us up below or get in touch with our Support team.

Comments (13)

DJ Chilly T 3:42 AM - 10 September, 2014
I'm a old school DJ and thought programs like Serato was cheating at something I'v been do with turn tables with no software for years. I just happen to be trying a buddy's controller with Serato and saw the simple and easy way to use this program, I just had to have own. with upgrades to always stay ahead of the DJ game Serato is the program to have.

Thanks Serato DJ Chilly T
Chia&Chia 5:03 PM - 12 September, 2014
Hi! everyone could please tell me when you are leaving Expansion for Serato DVS controller ddj sx please thank you very much greetings
Dj infinity seen 99 12:14 PM - 17 September, 2014
I,M using numark ns7 with serato dj 1.6.3 do I have to purchase a licence key before I can use serato dj 1.7 beta
el3mendotj 2:04 AM - 9 November, 2014
Dj infinity Nah all u have to is upgrade to 1.7.1 its free upgrade
johnny Q 1:13 AM - 22 November, 2014
all my bpm not work when I down low video
Dj infinity seen 99 9:37 PM - 11 December, 2014
DJ SHAFIN 8:04 PM - 6 January, 2015
Hello every one
Guyz please help me i am a beginner and i am looking foreword for RANE SL 3 for serato video , so do I have to purchase a licence key before I can use serato video ?
djgrits7 5:23 AM - 9 August, 2015
so if you order a 62 then do you have to get a serato dj expansion kit for the sm909 coming out? cheers
Serato, Moderator
Samuel S 7:36 PM - 10 August, 2015
Hey djgrits7,

No both the Rane Sixty-Two and the Pioneer DJM-S9 are Serato DJ Enabled meaning they require no additional license.

djgrits7 2:30 AM - 17 August, 2015
thanks sam!
johnny Q 12:12 AM - 2 March, 2017
I love my controlled ns7 and serato dj working good video
MBLL 12:09 AM - 10 January, 2018
Do I need to buy a Serato licence, if I buy a secondhand Rane Sixty Two?
johnny Q 12:26 AM - 10 January, 2018
Have no problem with Serato DJ cuz I got the Mac Pro computer