Up to? with Supa!

"I liked the rules - three styles of music, technical skills and also crowd interaction. To me, the three main ingredients of good DJ set."

If you've been to Paris and experienced its nightlife, it's very likely that at some point in your night you would've been in the hands of local 'turn-up' king Supa! We caught up with our Parisian home-boy and talked Redbull The3style, Social Club, F.A.L.D and why he NEVER smiles!

Let's go back to just before the 2011 RedBull Thre3style. What pushed you to enter and compete in this style of DJing competition?

I thought it would be just be fun to show my skills as a club DJ on a different platform. I was really into mixing different genres of music on vinyl and now having Serato it became seamless. I liked the rules - three styles of music, technical skills and also crowd interaction, to me, the three main ingredients of good DJ set. 

Coming runner up in the finals was a bonus, I actually didn't expect it!

Paris Social Club has become an institution for harvesting some of the worlds most talented DJs and Producers. What does that place mean to you? 

Social Club has been one my favourite clubs to play in my 5 years (and counting) there. Every DJ and Producer from the EDM scene has stopped by and I've always had an epic night there. I saw Diplo for the first time there, i’ve met guys like Skrillex, Hudson Mohawk, Flosstradamus, Just Blaze, Baauer, Lunice and many more. So many good memories and parties there. Social Club has also been responsible for launching a lot of emerging talent into the scene,  Brodinski is a great example of this. It's just great place for young artists who get the chance to express themselves on the stage - they show mad love to new talent. Paris Social Club is not only a club, it feels like home as soon as you step in.

Finish this sentence - A DJ Supa! set is like…

Something you've never heard before. Your gym workout for the week. A trip to the future. (just kidding)

Tell us about F.A.L.D

F.A.L.D is a DJ/Producer crew I started about a year ago with my friends and managers. At the beginning it wasn't meant to be something serious, just a one off thing for a party. My homies Kyu Steed, Bambz and the french duo Twinsmatic make up F.A.L.D. We all still do our own stuff on the side but the idea is when we can, we put all our energy into a common project. I'm also the oldest guy in the crew and probably the most established on the scene. I really want to put my 'little brothers' on that highlight reel, they're probably the most talented guys out right now.

We're going to start a new residency in Fall at Paris Social Club too!

Lastly - why does 'Supa Never Smile'? 

I actually don't know how to smile in pictures.