Serato DJ Intro - Getting Started

We've put together a series of demo videos to get you started with Serato DJ Intro.

First off is showing you what you will find in the box of your typical Serato DJ Intro controller, how to connect your controller to your computer to downloading and starting Serato DJ Intro. Take a look below!

Once you're all setup you will be able to start messing around with your controller and Serato DJ Intro. This below video will show you how to get started with using Cue Points and how to best use them.

Once you have mastered Cue Points, looping is another useful tool to add to your arsenal when mixing. Check out this video about getting started with Looping.

Now you know the basics. Start mixing some tracks together. This video below will show you the basics on beat matching and sync so you can mix two tracks together in Serato DJ Intro.

Feeling brave? The final video shows the basics of learning how to scratch. The Baby Scratch and the Transform scratch are the most basic. Mak from Serato will show you how it's done. Remember learning to scratch takes time so don't give up.

That's the basics of getting started with Serato DJ Intro.

Don't hesitate to get in touch with us to find out more.