Up to? with Fracture

"There's a lot around these tempos at the moment that were never meant to be mixed with each other but that's what I'm doing and it's really fun."

Here’s the first post in a new series for our blog called “up to?” where we talk to DJs and Producers out there in the world and basically see what they are up to. Pretty simple huh? 

First up, our good friend Fracture - London based Electronic musician and the man behind Astrophonica. The last few years has seen him really push the boundaries of drum n bass, taking influence from far outside the regular sphere of the genre but keeping to the general tempo range that has always seemed to define the large spectrum of DnB. With a brand new EP, Loving Touch, released last week on dBridge’s label Exit Records, we thought it was a good time to have a quick chat. 

Tell us about this release. How does it sit with your last couple of projects?

It definitely sits in line with my recent work but it feels a lot more ravey. It wasn't something intentional, I just ended up having 4 tracks that really sat well together and myself and Exit had scheduled an EP so that was that. With these 4 tracks I definitely made a conscious decision to not over produce any of them. I wanted write them all really quickly and keep an intense vibe.

Do you want to walk us through a typical Fracture DJ set at the moment?

At the moment I'm playing between 160 and about 172 bpm. How I fit that in totally depends on where and at what time I'm playing. I'm playing a lot of different genres right now and always searching outside of what everyone else is playing for new stuff I can fit it. There's a lot around these tempos at the moment that were never meant to be mixed with each other but that's what I'm doing and it's really fun.

Who else are you playing right now?

Moresounds, Moresounds and even more Moresounds. No seriously, Moresounds from Paris seems to be on fire at the moment and keeps sending me stuff that I just have to play. He had an EP on my label Astrophonica last year and since then he's featured more than anyone else in my sets. I'm also playing loads of Exit stuff; Alix Perez, Stray, Sam Binga etc. We're all doing really different stuff but it all fits together nicely. 

How much do you look outside your own scene / sounds for inspiration?

Constantly. Almost exclusively.

What's in your DJ bag?

Is this like a top 5? I don't like to put my own stuff in top 5s so, obviously I'm playing lots of my stuff and then;

  • Moresounds - Altercations
  • Moresounds - Rahstok
  • Deft - Save Us
  • Rashad - Something Bout The Things You Do
  • Fracture x Sam Binga x Rider Shafique - She Want It Ruff. 

Ok so there's one of my own tracks in there but its a colab so that's OK.

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