FX Chains #001

Do you have a few Multi-FX combos you like to use while throwing it down for the crowd? Here are a couple of combos that use DJ FX from the FX Expansion Packs.

Serato DJ FX chaining allows you to layer and create combinations of FX by arranging and using your FX in different sequences. Serato DJ's Multi-FX Mode gives you three separate FX slots per unit to explore.

Keen to try something different? Try out this sick hadouken.

  1. Start by setting the Beats Multiplier to 1/2.
  2. From here, set the Combo FadeEcho to about 75% in the FX 3 slot.
  3. When the transition/exit point in the song is approaching, turn ON the Reverb and slowly turn the FX knob 1 to about quarter of the way so that the effect is gradual.
  4. Now, when the exit point is due, turn ON the Noise Sweep and quickly turn FX knob 2 to create the Noise Sweeping sound. As you approach the end of the sweep, quickly turn ON the Combo FadeEcho slot to apply a 'post fade' echo type effect.

This combo is great for those 'spine tingling' epic drops on your favourite tracks!

You don't necessary need to always use all three FX slots when in Multi-FX mode. In this example, we're going to use just two. This combo is perfect for adding a bit of flavour during a breakdown or the end of a verse. We call this one "the marty".

    1. Again, start by setting the Beats Multiplier to 1/2. Ideally, you want to use this combo during a break in a song, but it's totally up to you.
    2. When you're approaching the section of the song you want to apply this combo in, turn ON both FX slots, and then gradually turn both knobs to apply the effect. 

Got hella Multi-FX combos? Care to share?