Two Numark performance Videos featuring the Numark NS7II

Numark have recently put together a couple of performance videos showcasing some of the many cool features on their Numark NS7II controller with Serato DJ. The Numark NS7II is a 4-Channel motorized DJ controller and mixer with real 7" vinyl and slip mats, touch-activated control knobs and velocity sensitive pads.

Check out Numark's videos below to see these features in action.

Numark NS7II performance featuring Arkaei

In this video Arkaei showcases the Numark NS7II's touch-activated control knobs and velocity sensitive pad functionality to control FX, filters, cues and loop rolls within Serato DJ, whilst transporting through some scenic spots around Germany.

Numark NS7II Vintage Vibes - Pad and Scratch Performance

In their latest NS7II vintage styled video Numark show some of the techniques you can add to your performance by using the Velocity Senstivate pads and motorised platters on the NS7II with Serato DJ.

Click through for more information about the Numark NS7II with Serato DJ.

Comments (4)

Sand 6:14 PM - 25 June, 2014
Great, but still no instant start when the motors are on.
DJ HFX 1:21 AM - 3 July, 2014
Nope I still have no instant start either. Been using Virtual DJ 8 It has instant start. and works on the ns7
DJ HFX 1:22 AM - 3 July, 2014
Come on Serato pull up your pants on the ns7II no instant start.
deejay hi-fi 4:40 AM - 4 October, 2014
nice one,the hard ware is a beast neva knew the ns7ii could work with VDJ...what are 'instant starts'