DJ Hedspin, Peep the Technique.

DJ Hedspin recently posted up one of the heaviest routines we've seen so far with Serato DJ and the Pioneer DDJ-SP1. We asked him to give us a quick breakdown of what he did. Peep the Technique!

Check this walkthrough of the routine by Hedspin himself!

"After posting this vid I’ve had a few people ask me about the Serato DJ effects I used, and how I did certain things on the Pioneer DDJ-SP1. Here's a quick little step by step break down.

00:36 - Slicer

Heres a detailed pic of how I replayed the drums using the Slicer:

Played the drums with the settings at 1/4 note repeat then switched to 1/8 notes using the parameter buttons for the drum roll.

00:46 - Tone Play

I took the bass line from Common - Be and replayed the notes using Cue Points to sound like the bass line from Eric B & Rakim - Don't Sweat The Technique 

This routine was a lot easier to get into using Serato DJ, now that there is access to more than 5 Cue Points.

00:57 - Noise Pulse:

Here I used the Noise Pulse effect as a sweeper fill by turning the knob all the way from left to right before going into my short scratch segment.

01:18 - Pitch Looper / Version Echo / Sampler Drum Solo

Triggered the "Peep" vocal loop using a Cue Point and turning on Pitch Looper 

The FX Depth for Pitch Looper is set at 12 o'clock which is considered 0% pitch. Moving the knob to the left slows down the pitch of the loop and moving it to the right speeds it up.

01:23 - Filter Sweep with the Snares Leading into Drum Solo

Had my drum sounds in the SP-6 Sample Player running through the auxiliary channel on the left side of the 62 Mixer. Started with the filter knob all the way to the right and slowly moved it to the centre while triggering snares

1:28 - Sampler / Version Echo

I separated the kick, snare, and hi hat from Don't Sweat The Technique and assigned them to separate pads in the SP-6 Sample Player.

The depth knob for the Version Echo effect was set to the far left which is 0 for the feedback settings. Turning the knob from left to right increases the feedback of the echo (the tail).

01:44 - Braker 

By turning on the Braker effect it recreates the same sound of hitting the stop button on a turntable. Fiddle around with the knob at different settings and just use whatever setting sounds right to you

01:46 - Pitch Looper / Noise Sweep

For a quick little 1 bar fill I slowed down the vocal gradually by turning the Pitch Looper knob starting from the centre and moving it all the way to the left.

At the same time I turned the noise sweep knob from the very left all the way to the very right causing a riser sounding effect.

02:05 - Pitch Looper / Time Freeze

This one was a little bit tricky. I had to turn off the pitch looper by hitting the on/off button while hitting the "Peep The Technique" Cue Point at the same time. I then stretched the sample by enabling the Time Freeze effect using the on/off button and moving the knob from the centre to the very left causing the long delayed stretch effect.

I hope most of you DJs find this useful. The possibilities are endless when using a Rane 62, Serato DJ, and the Pioneer SP1 altogether and at the end of the day its just a matter of experimentation and your individual preferences.

Thanks to everyone who checked out this vid and all the support from Serato, Redbull Thre3style, Rane, Pioneer, and Fokus Productions!

DJ Hedspin