Legends at Guitar Center Hollywood

The Serato crew came to Los Angeles this week to take part in a very special series of events at Guitar Center Hollywood. Kicking things off around 3pm was the induction of three legends of DJing into the GC Rock Walk  - Grandmaster Flash, Grand Wizzard Theodore and Grandmixer DXT. It's crazy to think about how their experimentation with this art form back in the 80s was so influential in the development of DJ culture and technology today. They spoke very wise words and gave the entire room a history lesson alongside the hosts of the evening, DJ Jazzy Jeff, QBert, Biz Markie and Herbie Hancock! It was definitely a great experience for us, as these three legends planted their hands into the concrete and their legacy into the history.

The second part of the evening was the unveiling of our second Serato store within a store concept launched initially in Brooklyn, this concept is all about us providing a uniquely Serato experience within Guitar Center, where DJs can see our latest software in action, get hands on with new gear and check out all the latest Control Vinyl and merch on offer. 

Lastly, came the performances! This was a public event, which even included a giant monitor outside the store on Sunset Boulevard. You could basically drive past and see DJ Jazzy Jeff tearing it up if you wanted. So great to see so many DJs showing their skills! Mr Choc opened and was followed by D-Styles who managed to even re-create the routine he performed for the performance video we filmed back in 2012. After that came Shortee, who filled the room with energy just before the host of the evening, DJ Jazzy Jeff, gave a masterclass. One of the highlights, DJ Numark, came next with his infamous "toy set". If you haven't seen it before, it's really something to witness and a great example of how you can differentiate yourself - he is a true performer. Nick Hook played next, one of the very first times the Pioneer DDJ-SZ has been used publicly. A club DJ usually, Nick gave the crowd a taste of the music he's part of.

It keeps going... 

Next up came Rhettmatic and Eric Bobo as Cypress Junkies. This was a great live performance, with Eric on the bongos, cymbals and hats, all led by Rhett who was moving his way through classic breaks, funk, house and hip hop. Gaslamp Killer did what he does every time, he turned the energy in the room up 100. At one moment, he was holding the Pioneer DDJ-SP1 like a guitar, hitting cues and using loop rolls and FX to shake the entire room. Lastly, Mike Relm played his signature Serato Video set - an amazing mix of music, humour and skill, before P Trix and Dynamix then finished things off with super tight sets to round out the evening.

So there you go... Too much to even talk about properly! Make sure to head down if you are in the area and check out the Serato interactive area - we have Control Vinyl, tee's hoodies and caps available as well as the Pioneer DDJ-SZ, Numark NS7 II, Serato DJ and Serato Remote available to play on and try out. Also look out for the video wrap up of the event, coming soon.

Comments (4)

DJ HANGLOOSE 12:40 PM - 11 March, 2014
Wish the Guitar Center looked like that in Port Saint Lucie, FL. In that store, nothing is ever working and the dope products are never hooked up. The Assistant Manager/Pro Audio Guy/wanna be Dj, has no knowledge of products or sales skill. Its sad because he's one of those Djs who does gigs for a buck and a beer tab. Guitar Center in Port St Lucie is a brand new store and it totally sucks. Check how little product you sold in that store Serato and it will backup my statement.
DJ HMPRODCUTIONS 1:40 AM - 12 March, 2014
whenis the ddjsz is comimg out ?
RUBYTUNEZ 1:02 AM - 13 March, 2014
Hi Guys !!!!! Its Great to know that Serato and Guitar Center are Working Together. I start it working for Guitar Center in Alpharetta (ATL) and I was talking to one of My supervisor about How Great it would B to have a section dedicated to DJs so they can come and test out the New products...And when I saw what U guys did....I felt compelled to share it with Serato. U guys put out an Amazing Product ,I used "scratchlive" for over 7 years and I love it !!!! and Now about to switch to "Serato" its going to B even better.Thank U Guys for what U R doing, PLEASE Never STOP !!!!!! PS: Would it B possible for U Guys to let me know If SERATO is coming to another Guitar Center Locations ? Guitar Center is a The Greatest store, I buy all My equipment from there BUT We Urgently NEED a Section dedicated to DJs. SERATO, Thank U again for your GREAT Products and thank U for listening.....One of your biggest fan...Dj Rubytunez
TheRealDJKick...est.1991 4:11 AM - 17 March, 2014
How come there wasn't any kind of posting about the event? I live in L.A. And would have definetly went. And for the record Guitar Center and Sam Ash almost never have anything hooked up for people to try and almost everytime i have been there to buy something the person working in the Dj department is always either the guy from guitar section or the guy from the lighting section or just about anyone who isn't a Dj. the One person who does know anything about Djing is always scheduled in the mornings and off by 4 for some reason. it's like when u work at target or something when the execs know corporate upstairs boses are coming in even if everthing looks like crap all year as least for that 1 day it looks like Gold in your Section.....LOL....