Serato In-Store. Guitar Center Brooklyn

October 24th, sees the opening of our very first Serato in-store digital space for DJs in Guitar Center, Brooklyn

It’s really exciting for us to have a physical space for DJs to experience our software, our products and our partner hardware in person. A creative space for DJs to use all their senses - get a feel for our products, see them in person, hear what they sound like, smell them, taste them...

We are from New Zealand. We spend A LOT of time on the internet. Having what we make for DJs accessible in real life is important to us. It’s great for both current and potential future DJs to be able to get hands on and try kit out for themselves. Everything is always prettier IRL.

Guitar Centre Brookyln is a great place for us to represent ourselves and we have a lot of faith in their experienced team to provide guidance and help about all things Serato. With a direct link to the team here in Auckland, we’ve got them covered and are confident we can develop a great relationship to share information and news!

To celebrate, there's going to be a free interactive DJ event, hosted by the legendary Biz Markie alongside some legendary hip hop DJs listed on the flyer below. See some hip hop legends, hang out with the team and check out some new gear!