Numark NS7 II for Serato DJ, available October

The Numark NS7 II for Serato DJ is coming this October. Numark's flagship, all-in-one DJ controller and the evolution of their classic NS7, with all the feel and experience of the original and with some impressive new features and enhancements. Built to be solid with all metal construction and high quality components including Akai MPC pads, a CP-Pro crossfader, motorised 7" platters, capacitive touch-sensitive filter, EQ and effect knobs and more.

Hardware features

  • Serato DJ software included.
  • 7-inch motorized turntables with ultra-high-resolution MIDI (3600 ticks per rotation). The most accurate vinyl feel experience for all-in-one controllers.
  • 4-channel mixer and 24-bit audio interface built in.
  • 16 multi-color MPC® pads from Akai Professional.
  • Capacitive touch-sensitive filter, EQ, and effects knobs that respond instantly to your touch and unique to the NS7 II. Turn on FX momentarily just by touching the FX knob and trigger loop rolls while using the filters.
  • Genuine vinyl discs and real felt slipmats for unmatched tactile control.
  • Connect and mix CD players, turntables, MP3 players, or any other external source.
  • Mixer can operate standalone, with or without your computer.
  • High and low-torque turntable settings
  • Comprehensive Loop, Sample, Slicer, and Hot Cue controls for easy access to the key performance features within Serato DJ.
  • Strip Search™ virtual needle-drop technology.
  • Curve-adjustable CP-Pro crossfader - extremely long life with low wear.
  • Dedicated iZotope effects controls.
  • Rugged all-metal construction.

Available this October and supported in Serato DJ. 

If you have any questions, feel free to hit us up in the comments!