Announcing, the Pioneer DDJ-SR for Serato DJ


Designed with the highly popular DDJ-SX in mind, the Pioneer DDJ-SR offers the same high performance and advanced control in a smaller package, as well as some new and  unique features of its own. The DDJ-SR is a two channel controller with four deck control, has dedicated Serato DJ performance controls, velocity sensitive pads and an all new Pad Plus mode. One-up your performance pads and unlock brand new features (Hot Cue Roll, Transform, Combo FX and Sample Roll). 

Read on to find out what’s coming!

Hardware Features

  • USB powered. No need to find an extra power outlet.
  • Hardware Aux input (RCA). Ideal for connecting a secondary device to play mixes or playlists when there’s no-one DJing.
  • Single Mic Input (1/4” jack) for you to get hype on.
  • Master (1/4” jack) and Booth outputs (RCA).
  • Both 1/4” and 1/8” mini jack headphone outs.
  • USB 2.0 port for straightforward, plug-and-play connection with Serato DJ.
  • Velocity sensitive pads for expressive sample player control.
  • High resolution, touch sensitive jog wheels. 
  • Combo HP/LP filter for each channel.

New Features available with the Pioneer DDJ-SR & Serato DJ

  • Velocity Mode. Previously available on the DDJ-SX, this feature allows expressive use of the performance pads for SP-6 Sample Player control. The harder/softer you hit the pads, the louder/quieter the sound will play. This is particularly useful with drum samples. 
  • Pad Plus is a unique feature to this controller and opens up four, brand new modes to your performance pads. 
    • Hot Cue Roll - Hit cues and have them re-trigger in a range of beat divisions. Similar to a note repeat function.
    • Transform - Hit and hold the pads to turn on a transform effect in a range of beat divisions.
    • Combo FX - Gives you momentary control of Multi-FX with your performance pads.
    • Sample Roll - Trigger samples in the SP-6 and have them re-trigger in a range of beat divisions. Similar to a note repeat function.
  • Four decks. The DDJ-SR has dual-layer mixing controls giving you the ability to mix up to four decks on this two channel controller.

Head to our Serato DJ page for more information on the existing Serato DJ features available to all controllers.

Available this October and supported in Serato DJ 1.5, the Pioneer DDJ-SR is the latest in their professional line-up of all-in-one DJ controllers. Look out for more info from Pioneer about when hardware is shipping and prices.

If you are unsure about anything and want to have a chat to someone, feel free to drop us a line in the comments below and we’ll be there to answer.