Tales from the Devs. Serato DJ FX workshop

As one of the developers at Serato, my team has recently been spending a lot of time working in collaboration with our awesome partners iZotope, from Boston, MA. These are some of the smartest guys I have worked with and have a true passion for what they do. We have been working towards improving our audio effects offering in Serato DJ.  It’s been great to see these effects come to life over the past year or so. Im excited to see what our users will be able to do with these new audio manipulation tools!

As part of the development process, our team hosted a workshop with some keen staff from around the business. It was great to see the turnout. We had Product Owners, Support Staff and even the CEO present.

There are two modes of effects in Serato DJ, the first one “SIngle Mode” which allows the user to select a single effect and tweak all the parameters to achieve the exact sound they are looking for. The second mode “Multi Mode” allows the user to load up to 3 effects in each effects bank, and jam on it with one knob. These effects are designed to make it super easy to produce crazy sounds with.

This is where the effects work shop that we held came in. We wanted to get as many people across the production of the “Multi Mode” effects as possible. There was a basic introduction on how to create them and then a few hours of play!

We finished with some awesome candidates of making it into the a future version of Serato DJ. Watch this space, and get ready...

Tom S (Developer)