We Love... After Dark @ Space Ibiza

We recently checked out 'We Love... After Dark', the weekly Sunday event hosted by Mr Doris which will see the most exciting line-up of DJs, audiovisual shows, MCs and live experiences all summer long at Space Ibiza.

Check out the photos below - our sneaky Serato snapper is everywhere...

We Love... After Dark

Space Ibiza

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DJ Antenna 3:52 PM - 2 July, 2013
Looks like people had a blast.

Concerning one of the photos I have a question: What version of Serato is he using here( u.sera.to ) and how can I get the display on version 2.4.4. to show more of the track in horisontal view(3rd display setting). I'm sorry if it's a stupid question and if it's irrelevant to the tread.
Konix 6:40 PM - 2 July, 2013
Set the audio cache setting to 60 in the setup menu > display.
Serato, Moderator
Samuel S 7:22 PM - 2 July, 2013
Nice one Konix!
DJ Antenna 11:47 AM - 3 July, 2013
Thank you Konix. Are there topics similar to the question raised by me, so that I can read before I ask. Thank you.
Muzik Hunter 2:13 PM - 3 July, 2013
Is that Scratch Live though?? The virtual decks look really small
Martin C 8:37 AM - 5 July, 2013
Thank you Konix. Are there topics similar to the question raised by me, so that I can read before I ask. Thank you.

I would say, that its totally worth downloading the manual for your Rane hardware available on the downloads page here: serato.com

Each of those manuals not only have great information about the Rane gear, but also goes through the software pretty extensively.

Another easy way to learn new things is simply explore the software by clicking buttons..if you want to know what a button does before you click it, activate the Tooltips. Click the little ? in the right hand corner between MIDI and SETUP.

When you have this activated, any feature/button you hover over will reveal a pop up containing an explanation of the feature. Its like a manual built inside the software!
Veejay Dullah 4:12 PM - 6 July, 2013
Stickybuds~ 12:55 AM - 9 July, 2013
Thanks for stopping by guys, was great to meet you in Ibiza that night.

In regards to the question on how to get the waveforms that big on serato it's been answered by other members, but also I have a 17" macbook so it looks a bit bigger to.

Biggups Serato!

Shaun W 6:11 AM - 9 July, 2013
Great pics!
Doug D-Funk 7:41 AM - 17 July, 2013
Was a great night & great pictures! I had a blast playing for After Dark & big up to the Serato guys for making the long trip over to Ibiza!