ITCH Release Notes

25 September, 2012


  • FLAC support

  • Dedicated Video View - Display video decks alongside the virtual audio decks

  • Serato Video Delay Compensation

    This will allow one to offset the master video feed from the audio when there are sync/latency issues

  • Auto transition FX

    Set this option if you don't want to change FX manually. Transitions will change upon every track load. There are three options.

    1. On/Off - Loading an audio or video track to the virtual decks will trigger a new transition to be selected
    2. Random - When on, a transition from the transitions list will be randomly selected, otherwise the transitions will be selected sequentially from the list of transitions
    3. Next - Forces a new transition to be used. If Random is selected, the transition will be randomly selected
  • Media Crate

    Any video content stored in the "Media..." crate will automatically load to Serato Video when you load audio tracks with no associated video track. This crate is created automatically when Serato Video is started or if the user manually creates a crate called "Media...". It is positioned below the 'All Video...' smart crate.

    Options for controlling the media crate behavior are located in the Serato Video widget panel (you will need to expand the fader options (the 'F' button)). There are 3 different options.

    1. On/Off - Loading an audio track (with no associated video) will trigger a new video track load
    2. Random - Any video load from the "Media..." crate will be randomly selected
    3. Next - Forces a new video load from the "Media..." crate. If Random is selected, the loaded video will be randomly selected
  • New Numark NS6, NS7 and V7 Mac drivers for Mountain Lion
  • Vestax VCI-380 support

  • 2-deck layout for Numark NS6 and Allen & Heath Xone DX

  • No longer supports Mac OS X 10.5.8.

GUI fixes
  • Fixed bug where a large grey box outline would be visible when doing a drag and drop. This only affected certain OSX versions such as 10.6.7 32 bit
  • Fixed bug where the 'add cue point' buttons in the offline player weren't showing as enabled upon track load
  • Fixed bug where the 'view' button would incorrectly cycle through an easter egg view
  • Fixed bug where pressing enter on a bpm edit box field (library), when the value is unchanged, would not close the edit box
Library and Metadata fixes
  • Improved iTunes XML importing

    This is to address the issue where iTunes library importing would fail when the library contained non utf-8 encoded strings. These formatting errors are an issue with iTunes, but this fix will now handle these string encoding errors and allow the entire library to be imported successfully.

  • ID3 scanning by dragging a crate to the button now works
  • Fixed bug where ITCH could create a _ScratchLIVE_ folder on external drives
  • Fixed a crash when using Live Playlists
  • Track data that has non ascii characters such as ñ and ó will now be searchable using n and o respectively
  • Fixed a bug where .wav file tags couldn't be read or written to properly because of non-wide aligned chunks
  • Fixed the library keyboard scrolling issue causeed when the bpm is being edited and the user presses ctrl+up/down in order to scroll up/down the library
  • Fixed bug where tracks were being labelled as iTunes library tracks even if iTunes importing was disabled. As a result, they couldn't be deleted from the library
  • Fixed bug where beatgrid info wasn't being read or written to/from .xml metadata files
  • Fixed a bug where unicode characters couldn't be read from the composer tag of an mpeg4 file
Controller fixes
  • Fixed the feedback loop bug with the Allen & Heath Xone DX
  • Fixed a Denon HC5000 bug where going Shift+Relay would not make the HC5000's display change, thus preventing the user from being able to see the time setting being adjusted. Note that pushing just the Relay button would show the display change
  • Fixed the Novation Twitch touch strip bug where the beat grid sometimes couldn't be adjusted when the 'adjust' button is pressed
  • Fixed bug where scrolling through the Novation Twitch master fx time values for the delay and echo effect would not do so incrementally
  • Fixed Swipe Mode + Play button bug with the Novation Twitch
  • Fixed a Novation Twitch bug whereby the 'Drop' button didn't turn off after needle-drop
  • Changed Slicer and Saved Loop lighting on the Novation Twitch
  • Fixed a linked V7 bug where using the right V7's velocity slider and cues may make the left V7's playhead jump to the beginning of the track
Playback fixes
  • Fixed bug where auto loops couldn't be saved in offline player
  • The number of cue points that can be scrolled through in the SP6 is now 8
  • Fixed Alt + Clicking Sample Slot bug so that it now stops the sample playing
  • Fixed Headroom issue
  • Fixed 'Braker' defaulting to 12 o'clock after install
  • Fixed bug where auto gain was not being applied
  • Fixed bug where the SP6-Trigger mode could be on, despite the SP6 plugin being off, creating a situation where the option couldn't be turned off, thus preventing the user from being able to use standard hardware cue point controls
  • Fixed bug so that the autogain on/off state is now saved/loaded to/from preferences
Serato Video related bug fixes
  • Added the missing False Color effect to the automatically generated effects_list.xml
  • The Serato Video Image effect 'size' param is now saved and loaded to and from xml
  • Adjusted the auto cross fade speed so that the low-mid-high speeds are 10 secs-4.4 secs-super fast. Note: The middle position is a little faster than VSL 1.2
  • Fixed bug where auto cross fading from left to right would get stuck at the far left position (only when the autofader speed is set to slow)
  • Updated the Serato Video effect slot ON/OFF buttons to have just 'ON' but with different colours to represent state
  • The Serato Video upfaders now default to full and the cross fader to half way when using a sound card with no faders
  • Fixed the 'smudge' effect occurring on the Serato Video preview deck
  • Fixed an issue with the Serato Video cross fader not being able to go hard left or hard right

Version: ITCH 2.2.2
Size: 24.56 MB
Platform: Win