ITCH Release Notes

27 March, 2012

What's New in 2.2

- Support for Serato Video 1.0.

Changes to MPEG-4 file Meta Data introduced in ITCH 2.1

ITCH 2.1 included a large rewrite of all MPEG-4 file reading and writing of meta data (tagging data). This includes .mp4, .m4a, .aac and many .mov files. One of these changes involves writing Serato meta data to files in a different way than previous versions of ITCH.

When playing one of the affected audio files in ITCH for the first time, all existing Serato meta data will need to saved in the new format. Consequently there will be a lot of writing to file, as signified in the status bar.

ITCH 2.2 will not delete meta data created in versions previous to ITCH 2.1 however, new meta data created in ITCH 2.1 and 2.2 will not be able to be read in older versions. Such meta data includes cues, loops etc.

Hardware Specific Changes in 2.2

- Fix to stop the TWITCH Grid Set button from staying stuck on after using the 'x' key to set a downbeat in Grid Edit mode.

Other Changes in 2.2

- Fix for Simple Sync ensuring normal auto tempo behavior instead of jumping the playhead on first activation.
- Fixed issue where using undo (Ctrl + Z) in conjunction with loading from the prepare crate, would cause a crash.
- Implemented the reading of the 'initial key' tag from MPEG-4 containers.
- All Video/Audio crates are now visible only when the Serato Video plugin is installed.
- Fix to make the TWITCH Drop Mode button illuminate
- Fixed the Denon HC5000 pitch/bpm button (shift+time)

Version: ITCH 2.2
Size: 22.04 MB
Platform: Win