ITCH Release Notes

11 January, 2012

New Features

  • SP-6 Hardware control
  • Simple Sync mode added for two deck controllers
  • Smart Sync pitch behavior changes

General Bug Fixes

  • Fix for crash on relocate lost files.
  • Fix for hang when switching banks on the SP6.
  • Fixed bug which could cause pitch to jump suddenly after loading a new track over a sync'd track and moving the pitch slider. Only occurs if there is only a single sync'd deck.
  • Fixed SP6 pitch sliders not working correctly
  • Fixed ctrl-click on the SP6 pitch slider jumping to the wrong value
  • Fix for Reverse not working when in Relative Pitch after turning off Sync
  • Hot Cueing while in armed sync now switches to Auto-Tempo so that the sync'd pitch is used
  • Fix for SP6 not loading the play mode preference as Sync in some cases (randomly)
  • Fix for SP6 pitch resetting when loading the same track to the deck of the same number
  • SP6 Trigger Mode now working for the Denon HC5000
  • Fixed Denon HC5000 displaying the wrong pitch when in relative pitch and not updating
  • Fix for pitch jumping if a doubled-slaved track was nudged into tempo mode (
  • Sync should no longer be turned off when a track is loaded on a paused or empty deck
  • Fix for armed auto-tempo not jumping to correct tempo when using cue or temp cue (which can cause a jump if you then push play) (
  • Empty Crates are no longer deleted
  • Fixed a bug where Crates could get incorrectly deleted
  • Fix for edit box not displaying highlighted text when using ctrl-a to select all (
  • Fix for focus incorrectly shifting to the crates list after editing multiple tags (
  • Fixed bug where Sync would not turn off when loading a track with no bpm and beat grid.
  • Fixed several bugs where playing a track with sync could keep doubling the track's pitch.
  • Fixed for possible incorrect BPM when using doubled/half BPMs in smart sync mode.

Allen & Heath Xone:DX Specific

  • Removed Crossfader Options dropdown from the setup screen because this is set via the controller.
  • On startup platters now always default to Pitch Bend while playing.
  • Fixed Cue Mix resetting it's value after hotplugging.
  • Deck layers 1 & 3 are now always active after hotplugging the controller.

Numark NS6 Specific

  • Fix for playhead sometimes jumping when switching layers on the NS6 after using the platters.
  • Fix for Grid Edit keyboard shortcut (alt+spacebar) not cycling through all four decks.

Pioneer DDJ-S1 Specific

  • Fixed issue where talkover ducking would turn off when only 1 of the 2 mic inputs became quiet.
  • Shift+Scroll Knob now jumps 10 lines at a time

Novation Twitch Specific

  • Swipe Mode will always default to Nudge (lit solid) when entering Hot Cues Mode

Numark V7 Specific

  • The History should now correctly use the A/B logic (the same as SSL) for marking tracks as played

Version: ITCH 2.1
Size: 23.13 MB
Platform: Win