ITCH Release Notes

4 November, 2010

ITCH 1.7.1 is a maintenance release to address reports of increased dropouts when updating from ITCH 1.5 to ITCH 1.7.

There are a small number of bugs fixes that improve performance for all users and it is reccomended that all users upgrade to 1.7.1.

Changes Since ITCH 1.7

*Fix for unnecessary tag writing
*Fix for the history panel increasing CPU usage
*Fix for Time Remaining/Elapsed not switching when clicked to the left of the box
*Fix for Beat Grid Edit Button not displaying with the Xone:DX if Beat Grid has been set to disabled (with another build or with another controller connected)
*Fix for ITCH corrupting .M4A files when adding/deleting non-English characters to tags
* Fixed overviews rebuilding when reloading a song which had just been analyzed on the deck.

If you are running Mac OS 10.6.4 please make sure you have this graphics update installed here

Version: ITCH 1.7.1
Size: 14.59 MB
Platform: Win