ITCH Release Notes

31 August, 2010

ITCH 1.7 is designed to be primarily a maintenance release. It follows on from ITCH 1.5 and provides performance improvements and bug fixes for all users. It also addresses many issues that users with existing controllers were experiencing with ITCH version 1.6 provided with the Xone DX. ITCH 1.7 also makes the beatgrid function introduced for the Xone DX available to all users.

This released has been focused on bug fixes and improvements, the next major ITCH release will include new features for all ITCH users.


Note that changes are since 1.5 except where indicated that the problem was specific to the Xone DX, version 1.6.


* Beat grid is now available for all controllers. For more instructions please read here
* Initial Key is now displayed on the deck
* Added indicator to light when the limiter is activated
* Tracks will now stop at the end and playback will turn off when a track is ejected.
* The master overdrive knob has been removed. Instead there is now a headroom dropdown menu. You now get 3dB per channel and then you can use this dropdown to select how much additional headroom you would like. Less headroom results in a louder output
* Fixed issue where the audio stream would die when an AAC file was loaded if the NS7/V7/Xone:DX was selected as the system sound output on mac.
* Changed crossfader style, EQ and audio output options to drop down menus to look consistent
* You can now load songs from the History panel using ITCH controllers
* Improved the speed of file analysis
* Auto bpm improvements
* Auto-Gain option is now available under the Playback tab of the setup screen
* Added support for playing 96kHz files
* Fixed bug where recording using sample rates of 48kHz would result in sped up recordings, or sample rates higher than 48kHz would result in corrupted recordings ( /forum/discussion/281159 )
* Fixed an issue where adding mp3 songs with analyzed bpms into an empty database doesn't reload the bpms
* Fixed shifting loop not shifting by exact amount
* Autoloop length limited to 1/32 - 32 for all controllers
* Fix for bug where iTunes playlist won't correctly unapply custom crates option in some cases - from this thread here
* Fixed the display of the dots which indicate where you need to click the mouse to resize the panels in the library
* Fixed a possible crash when loading a song in some cases
* Fixed crash when loading corrupt whitelabel files.
* Fixed several other crashes (and possible crashes)
* Fixed graphical glitch where whitelabel unlock panel would draw over the library
* Fixed bug where the whitelabel unlock button needed to be double clicked to unlock files
* Fixed problem where warning wouldn't be displayed on the deck area when trying to load a locked whitelabel file
* Fixed bug where '+' button to add crates doesn't turn off after a folder is dropped on it
* Fixed shift+tab not moving backwards through the tabs in the setup screen
* Changed buffer size slider to display samples and ms
* Fixed wavefrom glitching when playing and the tooltip popup is brought over them

Fixes specific to 1.6

* Fixed Mic/Aux routing choices not being recognized on startup
* Fixed Beat Sync (for VCI300 / NS7 / V7 / DN-HC5000 )
* Fixed Offline Player having small waveforms when disconnecting from a controller
* Fixed Offline Player not updating to new bpm properly when song is loaded
* Fixed Mac Offline Player having no waveforms
* Fixed noise level increase in 1.6 on most controllers due to incorrect gain being applied to aux/mic input channels
* Fixed not being able to load a song off Files and Prepare panel using the controller
* Fixed bug where the cue points were not being displayed on the virtual decks
* Fixed the next track, previous track and eject buttons in the offline player
* Fixed bug where iTunes library collapsed state was not remembered
* Fixed auto bpm analysis not working until you tick and untick the "auto-bpm" check box in offline player
* Fixed so that the offline player Autoplay is always on but it only loads the next song when you go past the end, not the previous song when you go past the beginning
* Put Whitelabel preview warning back into the offline player
* Fixed graphical glitches in the waveforms on snow leaoprd when resizing or unloading a song
* Fixed issue where ctrl+analyze would not force analyze files
* Possibly fixed long hangs at the start when analyzing large libraries.
* Fixed bug where setting a cue point using the keyboard shortcuts would jump the playhead to the autoloop position if one had previously been set
* Fixed missing collapsed iTunes playlist folder icon
* Moved the recording back to where it used to be (next to the status bar) for all controllers
* Fixed search by key and search by year not working correctly

Beat Grid Changes since 1.6

* Disabled tap tempo when beat grid is enabled
* Made decks not try to resync when track is paused and sync is engaged
* Made master clock area not show up until sync is engaged.
* Changed auto loops snap to closest beat on the beat grid instead of closest transient, when beat grid is available
* Fixed beat grid not re-syncing when using the overview strip on the GUI
* Improved the look of beat grid at different zoom levels. Removed unnecessary clutter and made the beat grid dimmer.
* Fixed old (now perhaps obsolete) way of adjusting (stretching) beat grid via alt-drag being reversed in direction.
* Fixed a bug that can cause beat grid downbeat to be analyzed in the wrong place when loading fresh songs straight on the deck
* Fixed bug where after syncing and unsyncing a track, it won't load from bar 1 any more when you have play from start enabled
* Fixed sync/autotempo getting switched off for a song on the deck, when you change it's bpm in the library.
* Fixed sync/autotempo not choosing the correct range when loading a new song on the deck which is already synced ( /forum/discussion/282519 ), thus potentially causing the new song to double or half in bpm.
* Added protection against inserting more than 128 beat grid markers, and corrupting the beat grid
* Fixed another bug where deleting a beat grid corrupts it. This bug only reproduces when deleting a grid marker which sits in-between two bars whose bpms are quite different (e.g. 250bpm and 40bpm).
* Fixed autotempo/sync not resolving to correct range when track bpms are not close (e.g. 70 bpm and 140bpm). Manually pitching one of the decks into the other's range and pressing sync used to force the deck into an unwanated bpm multiple/factor
* Fixed master clock not getting intialized to the proper bpm after changing it's bpm with pitch shift when in sync, and then re-enagaging sync with a different bpm
* Fixed bug where manual loops were being snapped to the beat grid instead of being truly manual
* Fixed bug where alt-space would not enter Grid Edit Mode if there was not a track loaded on the first deck
* Changed 2 deck controllers with mixers (VCI300,NS7) to always choose the oposite deck as the master when syncing. Previously it also took into account whether the deck was playing out the master

VCI300 MKII Support

* When Thru is enabled the VCI300 MKII, the mic/aux input is automatically muted in ITCH and routed directly through to the VCI300 analogue audio output

VCI300 fixes from 1.6

* Fixed Cue button for mic in the VCI-300 Mix/Aux panel not working
* Fixed VCI300 Upfader Curve knob
* Fixed bug where on the VCI300 the loop out button would turn on when pressed even if there was no cue point set
* Fixed library flashing white when turning switching the waveforms off in Vertical Waveforms mode or when opening the Mic/Aux button


* Added Upfader Curve knob to the setup screen (NS7 Only)
* Shift+Sort sorted both the prepare window and the active crate when the prepare window was open. It now only sorts the active crate.
* Fixed possible crashing on exit on NS7/V7 in the audio thread.
* Fixed bug with 2 V7s each connected each to a different computer - hold platter while playing song on the first computer/V7, when you start ITCH on the second computer it will cause the track on the first computer to start playing even though
you are still holding the platter
* Fixed bug where autoloops on the NS7 were resetting the start position incorrectly when an autoloop was already on
* Fixed bug where ITCH was not turning off "DELETE" (shift) button properly after engaging sync
NS7/V7 fixes from 1.6:

* Fixed NS7 Shift Delete Cue Points.
* Fixed a bug with loop In/Out buttons not lighting properly on Deck B after track load.
* Added Shift sort functionality for the NS7 and V7 back in - Shift+Crate=(sort by)song, Shift+FWD=album,Shift+Prepare=artists,Shift+Files=BPM,Shift+BACK=crate order.
* Fixed initialisation of Cue fader on the NS7
* Fixed bug where setting the NS7 to autoloop mode and then unplugging and reconnecting the NS7 would leave the loop edit mode button always displaying the opposite of the actual mode. Replugging will always return the loop mode to manual mode now (will look into remembering the state in future builds)
* Fixed NS7 not setting the temp cue point when switching FADER START ON.
* Fixed autoloop roll on NS7/V7 not working
* Fixed crash when scrolling in browse window
* Fixed bug where ITCH would start in the autoloop slot and pressing loop select would jump straight to loop slot 2 (skipping loop slot 1)
* Fixed bug on the NS7 where moving the left EQs or upfader would cause an autoloop roll on the left deck
* Fixed NS7 0% Pitch led not lighting when the pitch range is set to +/-50%
* Fixed bug where occasionally pressing play on the right deck of the NS7 would not start the platter spinning
* Fixed shift + prev/next track to do rewind/fast foward


* Added Headroom drop-down menu to the Playback tab of the setup screen to control the output level - 0dB outputs at full-scale.
* Fixed crash on starting ITCH with the V7 connected and selected as the soundcard on mac

V7 fixes from 1.6:

* Made right deck audio work for V7
* Fixed latency slider
* Fixed crash when starting up ITCH with a V7.


changes are all since 1.6:
* Added Scratch mode for Xone DX.
When playing and SCRUB/SKIP is ON, you can scratch with the platter. Because the platters are not touch sensitive, playback will continue as soon as you stop scratching. If you desire to release playback in your own time, or you want to cue something up, hold SHIFT while scratching. Playback will not begin until SHIFT is released.
You are also able to scratch when track is paused. If on the other hand you want to scrub quickly through the paused track, "flick" the platter and ITCH will scrub quicker.
* Cue Mix Knob on the setup screen in the mixer tab to mix between hearing the cue or the master in your headphone. You can use shift + the scroll knob to control this knob from the hardware ->requires firmware update (available on the setup screen in the hardware tab)
* Fixed bug where headphone overdrive would affect the master level meters ->requires firmware update (available on the setup screen in the hardware tab)
* Added SPDIF master output
* Added Crossfader and Upfader curve knobs to the setup screen
* FX Chaining for the Xone. When chaining fx1 and fx2 on one channel, you can now assign another channel to fx1 without being forced to chain it into fx2.
* Fixed bug with the xone pitch knob. If you move the knob while holding it down and turn it an odd number of clicks, then the next time you move the knob without holding it down it will still adjust the pitch by the larger value (as if it was still held down) for one click.
* Fixed ADJUST function trying to do pitch bend as well as grid adjust when the deck is not in sync
* Refactored beat grid in various ways to make it more efficient and safer.
* Fixed Beat Grid dragging (ADJUST) function in offline player being reversed (in direction)
* Changed the song bpm info area to display "GRID BPM" or "BPM" depending on which bpm it's showing.
* Fixed changing waveform zoom level corrupting the waveform display with beat grid
* Changes to the looping section on the Xone:DX dealing with what happens if you create/edit a loop when you are in autoloop mode. Should make things more intuitive/sensible
* Greatly decreased memory consumption for beat grid (especially evident with large libraries)
* Put the beat matching display (aka disco lights) back in. The tempo matching display (aka icicles) now shares the same space as master clock and so turns off when not required. You can still manually toggle between these by clicking on them.
* Fix for possible crash on reconnect of the Xone:DX
* Moved the master clock deck numbers around to relate more sensibly to the screen layout
* Auto tempo (as opposed to sync) now works
* Added a feature to turn off beat grid using the VIEW button. It has 3 states now: all on, beat grid off, all waveforms off
* Fixed a problem where auto gain does not correctly initialize on deck 3 and 4. This causes instant doubling to suddenly drop or jump the gain of a song
* Fixed time elapsed/remaning toggle not saving properly for 4 decks.
* Fixed Channel level meters not zeroing on exit
* Removed the instant doubles option when the Xone:DX is connected since instant double does not work for the Xone:DX at this time

DN-HC5000 fixes from1.6

* Fixed ITCH going to offline player mode when connected to Denon HC5000 and hot-plugging a Vestax VFX (although still causes dropouts for yet unknown reasons)
* Fixed reversed midi controls not working, such as the pitch sliders
* Fixed pitch range
* Fixed instant doubles
* Fixed loop roll not working on left deck
* Fixed shift+BROWSE/FILES/CRATES sorting function not working
* Fixed RELAY MODE not enabling playback when it loads a new track to a deck
* Fixed time elapsed/remaning display on the screen not being synchronized with Denon HC5000 display, and not reloading the setting properly on start-up
* Added Headroom drop-down menu to the Playback tab of the setup screen to control the output level - 0dB outputs at full-scale.

FX General:

* Fixed bug where the right channel of the flanger would be out of phase in some cases
* Fixed Repeater/Reverser/Braker depth >= 50% resulting in approximately 100% repeat probability
* Some Reverb optimization
* Improve filter stability
* Reduced clicking when switching effects and turning them on/off
* Fixed FX mix readout not in percentage
* Fixed effect on/of button not initializing on reconnect
* Fixed Flanger Volume Drop when turning it on and off
* Fixed Beats increments for Repeater, Reverser & Braker being one off the correct beat value
* Changed count mapping of Repeater/Reverser effects for the VFX and Xone DX
Old mapping & display: (min->max)

Count: 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8. (0 = infinite, 1 = no repeat, 2 = 1 repeat...etc)
new mapping:
Count: 1,2,3,4,5,6,infinite (1 = 1 repeat, 2 = 2 repeats, etc)
new display:
Count: 1,2,3,4,5,6,Inf
FX fixes from 1.6:

* Fixed empty boxes on FX displays
* Fixed bug where Effects presets would not get saved if an Audio Effects directory did not exist
* Fixed bug where adjusting flanger delay parameter does nothing
* Fixed bug where Tremolo TYPE parameter was not mapped to control pot well
* Fixed Phaser not initializing FX MIX position on effects select


* Fixed shift+mod x to change effects in the user slots on the VFX (broken in 1.6 to only be able to cycle clockwise, not anticlockwise


* Fixed Repeater/Reverser not repeating infinite by default on the NSFX

NSFX fixes from 1.6

* Fixed initialisation problem on NSFX where FX wouldn't turn on until source knob was adjusted
* Fixed a bunch of other random NS7/NSFX cueing problems
* Fixed Effects not getting slider positions on startup from V7 and NSFX
* Fixed NSFX bug where holding the TAP button wouldn't return the FX to auto mode.
* Fixed bug where the current fx would not be lit to indicate it was on after selecting a new effect

Version: ITCH 1.7
Size: 14.61 MB
Platform: Win