Vestax VFX‑1

An effects controller unit designed to compliment the Vestax VCI-300. This unit controls a powerful range of iZotope effects built into Serato DJ software. This unit is compatible with any other Serato DJ controller and can also be used to control the DJ-FX within Serato Scratch Live.


  • Compatible with Serato DJ; install the software, plug-in and play.
  • Intuitive control of Serato DJ-FX.
  • 2 separate effect channels.
  • Large rotary knob for precise parameter control and feel.
  • Selectable effect ON/OFF mode.
  • Tireless soft touch buttons.
  • Route effects to either deck or to the Main outputs.
  • Scratch Live 2.2 included a native mapping for the Vestax VFX-1
    to provide instant control for Scratch Live DJ-FX.