Numark N4

Four decks and a built-in mixer that can be used with or without a computer, lightweight and portable controller. Large, touch-sensitive platters, loop and effects controls, a built-in USB audio interface and a comprehensive mixer section with EQ and gain controls.

Includes free Serato DJ Intro software. Upgrade to Serato DJ to have access to all of these features.

Serato DJ Features

  • New FX, powered by iZotope
  • FX Expansion Packs to Activate/Purchase in-app
  • Single and Multi FX modes
  • MIDI Mapping
  • Slip Mode
  • SP-6 with Sync / Simple and advanced modes
  • Up to 8 cue points
  • Manual loops with 8 saved loop slots
  • Auto loops and loop rolls
  • Cycle through the DJ-FX, Recording and SP-6 panels by using the panel select
  • Recording
  • Mic/Aux support
  • Smart and Simple sync
  • 4 Performance view modes
  • Autoplay
  • Beatgrid detection and Beatgrid editor
  • Serato Remote compatibility
  • Serato Video compatibility
  • track support

Controller Features

  • Four-deck controller with built-in DJ mixer that works with or without the computer
  • Integrated DJ mixer allows you to connect two external sources plus two microphones
  • Built-in professional USB audio interface with balanced XLR outputs
  • Large touch-sensitive control wheels
  • High-resolution 14-bit MIDI provides ultra-tight control and response
  • Mixer section with EQ, loop and effects controls
  • Dedicated video controls

  • Serato DJ supported hardware that requires a one-off purchase of Serato DJ.

    Purchase in-app or via the Serato Online Store.

  • Plug-and-Play Serato DJ supported hardware that requires a Serato DVS Expansion Pack purchase.

    Purchase in-app or via the Serato Online Store.