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Recording my is there, but no mic was recorded

Serato DJ Pro
Pioneer DJ DDJ-SX
vjmarcus 2:47 AM - 30 April, 2013
I was recording with serato dj ... the music was being recorded, but i could not figure out how to record my mic too.

This all works fine in SSL + Rane 62 mixer, but not with Serato DJ + DDJ-SX.
vjmarcus 12:59 AM - 7 May, 2013
OMG....It was available in the S1....why not in the SX...just does not make sense. Now I have to wait!?
DJCoBain 8:05 PM - 31 May, 2013
i routed my Aux out or booth out into my input on my computer, and recorded through ableton. youll have to adjust the levels but its not too difficult. just what i did to solve the issue.
Dj Kshift 3:54 PM - 17 June, 2015
has this been addressed since we are in version 1.7.5 now?
Aaron E 11:45 PM - 17 June, 2015
Hey Dj Kshift

Yes! This was fixed a while back and you can now record your mic and other external sources with a DDJ-SX and Serato DJ.

Dj Kshift 12:06 AM - 18 June, 2015
What about recording both the music and mic ( Like a live session) with Rane 62 and Serato DJ?
Aaron E 12:04 AM - 19 June, 2015
Yep, no problem. Set the recording input source to mix and you're all good.

Silver Foxx Sound 12:28 AM - 20 June, 2015
Ok how can I record other DJ in my Serato DJ SR well I use the SR and other DJ that I work with like other controls like the SX S1 SX2
Aaron E 11:08 PM - 21 June, 2015
Hey Silver Foxx Sound

I'm not quite sure what you're getting at there. Best to open a help request at so one of the team can work with you directly to help you get the recordings you want from your setup.

2:00 AM, 6 Jul 2015
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