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Scratching with Mixtrack Pro II

Brakster 9:47 AM - 29 April, 2013
I'm trying to figure out something a long time ago.. ive first began with the cheapest DJ Controler out there 'Mixtrack Pro I' and recently i've bought a 'Mixtrack Pro II'
and i sold my Pro I. But my question is, i now use Serato DJ 1.1 and i still just cant make the oldschool scratch sound on my mixes, is it because it doesnt have vinyl? and virtual soundcart or what is the reason why i cant make that beautifull sound every DJ wanna hear..Do i have to pitch the crossfade setting?

I Just cant figure out how i can prosess this kinda things... with the controler (DJ Tutorial - Scratching Basics - Spin-Academy)