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Quick Search

DJ-SHUFFLE 3:11 PM - 21 April, 2013
[Quick Search] , option that allows us to quickly search a song in (All) creates..
deejdave 3:55 AM - 22 April, 2013
WOW You think this could actually be done? How useful would it be if at any point I could locate a specific song simply by highlighting (all) in the crate (sorry creates) section, then clicking in the search field (the area directly to the right of the prepare tabwould be a great spot IMO), typing the song name, artist, label, etc and instantly having it come up in the library area................
Dj MacMillz 2:14 AM - 28 May, 2013
How about CNTRL+F?
deejdave 2:15 AM - 28 May, 2013
Dj MacMillz 2:17 AM - 28 May, 2013