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Suggestions for DRUMS time shift?

koolmusikid 6:42 PM - 7 September, 2008
I am trying out the demo version of Serato LE, primarily for time shifting. Have used it on acoustic piano and it works beautifully. However, when I attempt to slow down some drum tracks, I find that the quality is adversely affected. It sounds like there is almost a flange or phase issue. I am not shifting by major percentages, only 2% at this point. I notice that Serato Pro has an algorithm setting for different types of files (i.e. drums, melodic instruments, etc.). Has anyone had luck time shifting drums with LE, and if so, any suggestions for me?

Corse32 6:54 AM - 16 January, 2009
a 2% time stretch? while not huge that's still quite a lot depending on the content...

try the demo of pro and see what results you get, you might be better off using the time domain TCE tool that comes with Pro Tools.

(are you using pro tools?)

- Josh