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SP6 Mixer triggers

Sand 1:49 PM - 23 March, 2013
Can we please have mixer triggers for the SP6 sample player like the NS6 had in Itch? The NS6 used the Shift + Cue buttons to trigger samples in itch and this button configuration is not used in Serato DJ so it could be added. I know a second Midi controller could do this but why clutter up the DJ station with additional controllers that are not necessary, I'm sure I am not the only person who brought a NS6 etc with the view to using it as an all in one controller not as a base to add more kit to with every software update.
Sand 9:23 AM - 16 April, 2013
Any Response Serato?
Mr Wilks 8:49 AM - 21 April, 2013
It's like that in Twitch too. Very handy to have.