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Shift key doesnt hold red color like it did in Itch.

Serato DJ Pro
Numark NS6
lumchux 8:43 AM - 22 March, 2013
Maybe I've been late? But I just upgraded to the latest Serato DJ. I critical feature of my NS6 I use, no longer works.

The shift key doesn't hold its red light like it used to. This is a critical feature I need. I often set the shift light to hold so I can perform slip rolls and use my other hand to tweak effects (when pressing 1,2,4,6 on my auto loops). Hope that makes sense.

I'm guessing it was removed to prevent people from accidentally deleting hot cues?

Please bring it back! :/

Sand 4:24 PM - 3 April, 2013
Bring back the shift latching and trigger mode for NS6!
5:00 PM, 17 Apr 2013
This help request has been closed due to inactivity.