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Serato DJ Pro
Numark NS6
Geez Mashups 5:11 PM - 9 March, 2013
I am about to buy a used ns6 . . is the software locked to the original buyer ? if so can it be transferred to my laptop ? thanks
Serato, Support
Mak T 10:56 PM - 17 March, 2013
Hey Geez Mashups,

Thanks for your post. Are you purchasing the Numark NS6 bundled with the Serato DJ software? If you are not, you will need to purchase your own license from the Serato Online Store. If it is bundled with the Numark NS6 however, you will need to make sure that the License is Deactivated from the sellers computer, and also make sure that the seller contacts Serato to notify that he is selling the license and let us know who he is selling the license to. From here we will go ahead and carry out the transfer process and then notify you once it has completed and transferred over from their Serato Account to yours.

11:00 PM, 31 Mar 2013
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