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chugbry 11:41 PM - 28 February, 2013
I called Serato last week and still get the same response! I am a New Zealander where Pitch n' Time is developed and this is starting to get to me a bit as it has been a long, long wait and the same answer is just well we are working with Avid or iLok or Apple on this and it is all we can tell you.. ProTools 10 and Mountain Lion has been out for a long time now and this is a really slow release for Serato. Is it just having the difficulties of porting to AAX/Mountain Lion (Do you have to re-code everything from scratch) or is it on the back-burner because P&Time is not a main earner or what is the real holdup here?

Frustrating, Frustrating, Frustrating.....

I have used many stretching algorithms etc but I still say serato's is the best (albeit far too expensive to say the least). I never have the same artifacts using P&Time. All the other algorithms I've used start getting artifacts a lot sooner than I notice with P&Time. You can even use Melodyne but for a lot of situations it is just not the same.

Sooooo. Serato this is a screaming plea for help... Please, Please make this happen for us all we are all in deep despair wondering if this is ever going to happen or are you going to leave us all hanging with useless software?
Also, If you really aren't going to update just say so.

You need to get someone making this a priority. Now!

I really don't give two cents about all the advertising and email newsletters about Serato Scratch etc... Just give us Pitch N' Time...

I'm in a rant now sorry.