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Pitch 'n time serial number

thealtsax 9:05 PM - 16 August, 2008
I've just purchased the download version of Pitch 'n Time.
I need the product serial number for register the product and obtain the iLoch authorisation but i can't find it.
Someone knows where can I find it?


Daniele Comoglio
Michael R 5:50 AM - 18 August, 2008
Hi thealtsax,

I'm not sure what's happened here, you should have been asked for your iLok ID once your order was completed. I have reset your license, please go here to register your copy of Pitch 'n Time LE -> www.serato.com
thealtsax 7:50 AM - 18 August, 2008
Hi Michael,
now it works.
LeJan 2:05 AM - 8 August, 2014
I am having the same problem cannot see my PT license, and the icon does not show in mY SDJ
DjTraViezO 10:02 AM - 29 October, 2014
I have the same problem please help.