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Old Skool Hip Hop help.

kid90nz 4:44 AM - 13 August, 2008
I've entered a Djing contest and I'm looking for some tips regarding the old skool method of stickering vinyl. I'm using actual records, not SL, so I need to get this trick sorted so it doesn't take me too long to cue my tunes up.

I get the idea, but I've tried it on a couple of records and my needles (Stanton 500 AL, DJ Craze edition) just ride over the sticker and don't jump to the point I was hoping they would. Do I need to use a certain type of sticker (ei. glossy or matt) and how thick should the sticker be?

I know no-one here really bothers with this any more, but hopefully some of you used to do this.

Thanks in advance.
sixxx 5:13 AM - 13 August, 2008
You have to angle the sticker so the very end of it (corner) ends up right at the cue point of where you want it. I use mini rectangular shaped stickers. Not the glossy type.
kid90nz 6:36 AM - 13 August, 2008
Cheers mate. I've got it positioned right for the cue point, but I've been using glossy stickers. I'll try something matt.

Do I want a sharp angle or quite a gradual one? I use my decks battle mode, if I 12 o'clock the sample what hour should the sticker point to? Currently at about 3:30 (does that make sense?).
DJ GaFFle 10:29 AM - 13 August, 2008
I'd do a GRADUAL angle on that sticker. A sharp angle would throw the cue off if pushed too hard.

ALso, a good trick is to take that mini rectangular-shaped sticker and leave the end near the cue point as normal BUT slice the other end to a point (like a triangle edge). That way, if your need hap-hazardly runs into the pointed end, it will be less likely to slam and needle jump like it would into a retangular end.

I hope that makes sense.
DeezNotes 6:25 PM - 13 August, 2008
I used those circle stickers easily found at a Walmart or convenience type store. Those are actually the only stickers I could find.

Place the end where the needle/cue will drop down (but not too firm) while leaving the other side up just in case you have to re-position it. Test and test and test until you get it right. Once it's on right, press down the other side of the sticker to secure it in place.

Cutting the other side of the sticker like Gaffle said is also a good idea because that gives you access to more of the record just in case you need to play it. If you don't need to play that part of the record (and won't EVER need to play it), then it's not a big deal.
kid90nz 6:42 PM - 13 August, 2008
Thanks for the help, everyone. I'm a bit of a noob to competition DJing, but after a few "moments" recently: going to a scratch battle and laughing most of the time I was there; listening to 'The DJ'; reading some of the threads here; checking out a D'n'B DJ battle, I decided to enter and give it a go.

I'm definitely not a turntablist, but I can scratch a little and beatmatch with ease. Now, thanks to you guys, I'll be able to squeeze a couple of extra tracks into my 15 minute set.

The record that I need to sticker (Jizzle Tizzle- Cry me a River) doesn't get much play anyway, so I'm not too fussed about how much tune I lose to stickers.

Thanks again.
cappinkirk 9:20 PM - 13 August, 2008
cut the circle stickers in half