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ortofons splitting down the middle...

soeasy 3:54 PM - 21 July, 2008
has anybody else's carts split right down the middle?
just the plastic tip the actually holds the needle.
i have three pairs of needles and 4 out of the 6 are all split like that.
i don't go jammin my needles on my carts by any means or abuse them so
i thought it was kinda funny to see them all split the same way.
DeezNotes 4:21 PM - 21 July, 2008
My Digitracks did that, but none of the other needles I have... and I have a gang of Ortofon needles.
a DJ 5:53 PM - 21 July, 2008
I have Ortofon DJ ones, the blue ones. They haven't done that yet. I got em used too so who knows how long they were used before that.
djdisciple 6:23 PM - 21 July, 2008
My Digitracks have also done that from removing the stylus a few times.

Strange, my Scratch's havent done that...

Doesn't seem to affect play with SSL.

But I haven't really listened to see if it makes a noticeable difference with vinyl or recording for that matter.
DJ Nick Lee 7:13 PM - 21 July, 2008
I have had that happen to 3 nightclubs so far. Sounds fine in SSL but with real vinyl you will notice a difference.
Alixx J 9:22 PM - 21 July, 2008
mine have too underneath, sound fine to me still though, although i have needed to push them back on after a few hours playing at the weekend
dj_penguin 2:17 AM - 22 July, 2008
I had that happen with one nightclub stylus. I used a small elastic band (the thin kind they use for braces) to clamp it back together; it's on one of my backup cartridges.
DeeJay*CASPER 3:01 AM - 22 July, 2008
add me to the list......
DeezNotes 3:30 AM - 22 July, 2008
So are we talking all new Ortofon stylus or are these also older ones too? I have some Scratch needles that are years old which I still use and they've outlasted the Digitracks which I don't use as much. I never even taken the stylus off the cart and they split.
soeasy 3:42 AM - 22 July, 2008
all of the concord style needle tips no matter how old they are.
i mean my elektro's are only about 7 months old and i've never taken them off the carts and they've split. i always keep them in the case when not used and the tip covers on them when they're in the case.
fl0w 8:16 AM - 22 July, 2008
I have a split elektro needle
cheeba (the believer) 10:02 AM - 22 July, 2008
send them all back. they will be covered under warrenty im shure ;)
soeasy 4:53 PM - 22 July, 2008
guys don't get me wrong the ortofons are and excellent cart. i'm just trying to find out if it's a design flaw and maybe raise some awareness over at ortofon.
they must be a pretty cool company because the last time my qbert tips broke they hooked me right back up no questions asked. i'm not looking for the same treatment this time. just some feedback on their product. as a matter of fact i already went and bought new stylus's for all my carts because i like them so much. i just don't really want to find myself gluing my tips back together because they're splitting.
DeezNotes 5:28 PM - 22 July, 2008
I haven't had it happen until recently. I think someone needs to get their attention as its a real quality control issue. Ortofon products aren't the cheapest out there and some of us rely heavily on their needles. Where's Dustin? Whenever anyone mentioned Ortofon it was like a bat signal was lit up and he'd appear outta nowhere.
DJMark 10:54 PM - 22 July, 2008
Just one more reason why I'd never use Ortofon cartridges to add to the list...

Reason one, by the way, would be "because they sound like total shit".
grotesque 6:02 AM - 23 July, 2008
i had this happen on 6 tips in a row. all the pink scratch ones, and the spares at the club i play at have done it as well. i sent them off to the Australian rep and he replaced them, despite not having to. i use the qberts now and haven't had any trouble with it.

i'll have to have a hell of a lot more problems before i develope the same hatred for them that i have for the 44-7s.
OakLawnDJ 6:55 AM - 23 July, 2008
I used Ortofons for almost a decade and never had that happen...
DJDiablo 1:07 PM - 23 July, 2008
I've had Ortofon Concordes for a while and never saw this.
Wicked 2:35 PM - 23 July, 2008
my digitracks did the same.(stylus). i thought i was just being too rough with them... i guess not
spin 9:43 PM - 23 July, 2008
Does anyone have any pics showing where the Ortofons splits at?
DJ d.range 2:04 AM - 24 July, 2008
you're talking about the stylus right?

i have like 2 split...
DJ Michael Basic 2:17 AM - 24 July, 2008
I have a couple split too, I'll take some pictures to show.
DJ Michael Basic 2:37 AM - 24 July, 2008
DeezNotes 2:42 AM - 24 July, 2008
Damn yo. Basic literally crushes it in the mix. Only my stylus tip is split... not the whole cart.
DJ d.range 3:30 AM - 24 July, 2008
Damn yo. Basic literally crushes it in the mix. Only my stylus tip is split... not the whole cart.

DJ Michael Basic 4:30 AM - 24 July, 2008
Yeah I dunno what the deal is, but that's 2 separate pairs of needles that that's happened to.
spin 4:49 AM - 24 July, 2008
Thanks for the pics.

Ortofon must've be using the same plastic used to make Sony MDR-V700 headphone hinges...
soeasy 4:59 AM - 24 July, 2008
wow, i've never seen the underside of an OM cart split like that. u sure you're not tightening your mounting screws too tight?

nice one spin. sony plastic....
Dj BuddyLove 9:48 AM - 25 July, 2008
WOW havent ever noticed but...

count me in as welll..


i have the digitrack concordes & the night club S's all my STYLUS (NOT CARTS) have a crack seems the stylus mount hole is smaller than the Carts??

Where's Dustin?

cappinkirk 1:36 PM - 25 July, 2008
both of mine are split (digitracks) they need to make them out of aluminum or something.
cappinkirk 1:36 PM - 25 July, 2008
the arms break off easily too.
sixxx 1:37 PM - 25 July, 2008
You DJ so bad your ortofon split... at the gig.... to hang out with its buddies the Shure's 44's.
Dj BuddyLove 3:35 PM - 25 July, 2008
^^i havnt heard any real sound quality problems plus i just love the feel of the orto concordes..
mobius909 4:26 PM - 25 July, 2008
I had the blue concordes and they never split. Had the digis and both of them split fairly quickly after i bought them. wonder why?
Dj BuddyLove 5:14 PM - 25 July, 2008
just pm'ed Dustin with this thread hope he replie's...
Dj BuddyLove 5:48 PM - 25 July, 2008
here are a couple pics of my nightclubs.

keep in mind that ive had these carts and the same needles on for 5 or so years!!
hehehehe :OP

i know the needles after 5 years should look like this but this is only a example of how all my stylus are and my digis are new!! and look almost simular.
things that make you go hummmmmmmm..
DJ d.range 11:02 PM - 25 July, 2008
the arms break off easily too.


i've crazy-glued a few back on
cappinkirk 12:13 AM - 27 July, 2008
i did that to one of mine and it came off again from even deeper inside the cartridge from where I krazyglued it the first time.