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Broadcast for online streaming configuration

DJ Starfall 10:55 AM - 17 February, 2013
Please add this function so i can stream my sets live to Shoutcast radio servers! Very similar to Virtual DJ's Broadcast configuration.
Chinshue 1:35 PM - 19 February, 2013
i would truly love this feature in serato dj. i do online streaming myself. i use to serato to play my music, but i have to route the audio from on laptop to another and use a program called butt to stream the audio content. i could stream from the laptop i am mixing on with butt, but if i do that, you will hear humming in the background, so that is why i have to route the audio out to the line in to another laptop. i hope serato gives it a big consideration.
Shumi 5:58 AM - 22 February, 2013
Steven88 2:37 AM - 23 February, 2013
D@RU5 3:07 AM - 23 February, 2013
This would be a great feature to have.....

That world right out of the box....

Chinshue 3:08 AM - 23 February, 2013
i hope serato take heed of this. internet radio is growing.
Chinshue 3:10 AM - 23 February, 2013
traktor and virtual dj already have broadcasting feature
DJ Starfall 12:17 PM - 23 February, 2013
Yeah, just bought my Pioneer DDJ-SX and was very displeased when i saw no broadcasting. So i use virtual dj, despite the light glitches it causes with the DDJ-SX. Sorry Serato, put this feature in and you will have me sold.
DJ GSOUND 2:40 PM - 7 May, 2013
Papa Midnight 11:45 PM - 7 May, 2013
Bonus if you properly send track information (Artist - Title) from the playing deck.
Percivale 9:49 AM - 13 May, 2013
That would be nice!
Batzz music 5:03 AM - 23 May, 2013
I feel like it would complicate the experience for everyone that doesn't do that rather specific function.
Why don't you use for example soundflower to reroute/copy the audio out to a dedicated broadcast program?
Papa Midnight 5:40 AM - 23 May, 2013
I feel like it would complicate the experience for everyone that doesn't do that rather specific function.

Hence why, just like every other program we mentioned, it would be an optional setting that you configure yourself. We just ask for the tools to do so.

Why don't you use for example soundflower to reroute/copy the audio out to a dedicated broadcast program?

I've been using the Shoutcast DSP for several years to broadcast. That's when I'm not going via line-out to USTREAM.

The difference between these two is when it comes to USTREAM, I'm doing video. I have no expectation of Serato (or any other DJ program for that matter) being able to stream this out under present conditions.

Audio, on the other hand, is a whole different matter. When I am mixing, do you really think I want to sit there and type out every single track artist and name into the DSP for it to appear to listeners? No. I'm also sure they don't want to see it typing out live to them either (this is what happens). I also don't have to worry about noise, extra cables, an extra machine running, etc.

Seriously, why would I want to use another program when both other major DJ DVS/Controller solutions (Traktor and VDJ) both support Shoutcast/Icecast streaming natively?
Kushest 8:17 PM - 8 January, 2014
This topic needs a bump.
We need streaming integration please.
ojgbagg27 5:58 AM - 9 January, 2014
DJ Starfall 8:51 AM - 27 January, 2014
Thanks guys! Hope it happens someday
djtsmooth 1:31 AM - 29 January, 2014
This would be perfect. The thing about traktors broadcast capabilities it can only broadcast via icecast, not shoutcast. Which i guess is more popular in europe. I use butt as well similar to chinshue, having broadcasting capabilities would be so much easier. The only issue would be possible lag i suppose.
Chinshue 1:41 AM - 29 January, 2014
i hope serato brings in broadcasting on 1.6
ojgbagg27 4:44 AM - 29 January, 2014
I am running the RC SDj 1.6.03883 and it's not in yet so lets hope so by the release it is
TOMMYCEE 8:43 PM - 16 October, 2014
DJ Ravien 1:53 AM - 21 October, 2014
I agree, This would be a very valuable addition to Serato, I recently made the transition from Traktor and was shocked to see it wasn't already a feature. Just my two cents.
Lightning 12:57 AM - 8 November, 2014
I'm going to +1 this again because tonight I wish I had it, forgot my thinkpad doesn't have a line input. Also all the D/A/A/D conversion with streaming serato is silly
Sikwidityo 1:31 PM - 10 November, 2014
and 3:45 PM - 21 January, 2015
Just do it already. Serato has it easy.. It's the Apple of the dj software industries. 10000 people have a problem with AMD, and they say "We don't support it". Then the Intel graphics card problems begin to flood their forums and guess what they say.. "We don't support it". Key change possibility? Not really possible because reasons. Want to stream your set? You can't. Heck, some fanboys may even say that adding features will complicate their experience using the program.. Serato logic. Do the stuff man, it's not that hard. You just need good will. Winamp had extremely more features than this software and it was free. We pay for your software when we buy hardware with "Serato" written on it and you are doing so little in return. Please be more considerate about your users serato. And please, for the love of god, stop saying that you don't support broken stuff and fix it. Thank you!
Papa Midnight 9:34 PM - 21 January, 2015
Winamp had extremely more features than this software and it was free.

Hard stop right there. I like Winamp. I think it is an example of some of the best software ever produced for Audio Playback. However, Winamp was NOT free (thought it currently is right now) during the height of it's development period in the 5.x codebase.

Additionally, Winamp was not responsible for the providing low-latency audio in real-time (unless being used with a Soundcard that provided such functionality). At the most, Winamp might use a DSP plugin, an audio output plugin, a few general plugins, and a visualizer. As an example, in my configuration of Winamp (yes, I still use it), I'm using an old version of iZotope Ozone's DSP (from Winamp 2), QO Lab's PowerFX, a few general plugins (for extended functionality - i.e.: an AudioScrobbler plugin), and MilkDrop 2.

AMD Processors were not officially supported after it was noted that a significant number of users had issues with them (including, but not limited to an exorbitant number of users experiencing dropouts). These reports were noted by Serato users here of being easily reproducible in-house. As a result, they have not supported AMD processors for years ( Those who attempt to use them can do so, but do so at their own risk (just like those who use unsupported operating systems).

You're also only half-correct on the issue of support of Intel Graphics while using Serato Video: that notation is limited to Windows only (

Don't get me wrong, I would really like this feature, but I can't sit back and watch a spread of misinformation either.
akakak 5:49 PM - 7 July, 2016
Another bump for this. I was thinking about doing a quick stream online, but at the moment I'd have to find a USB hub, connect an external sound card (I have the reason Balance), send the booth output from my MCX8000 to the sound card, and stream the input.

This is all pretty complicated, considering Serato has access to the audio already for recording. It's 2016 - this has got to be a popular idea now?
sentano 6:33 AM - 2 December, 2016
any new if this feture is comeing id love to stream my song titles
Joskov 9:14 PM - 2 January, 2017
This feature would be great. Love the Serato Software. I hate to go to the Virtual DJ / Traktor route only because there is an integrated Broadcast feature there. We already have record so the output of this can be streamed to some output. Also a pretty nice feature is that the track you're playing is displayed on the screen to the people tuned in.

Love the Serato Software, but also love to broadcast radio. Please implement.

Thanks in advance.
charlee1985 4:23 PM - 23 February, 2017
+1 on this. Would deff use it
akakak 4:32 PM - 23 February, 2017
Any comment from Serato?
KING-TUBBY 6:37 PM - 18 March, 2017
DJCake 3:53 PM - 10 April, 2017
Plus 1 as well. Given that, to my ears Serato sounds the best and to my eyes has the best interface of all of them, being able to use it for full streaming services - including transmitting the song tags over shoutcast/icecast - seems like a totally logical next step.
akakak 4:06 PM - 10 April, 2017
No response from Serato on this in over 4 years?
DJ Starfall 3:17 PM - 6 August, 2017
I'm back 4 years later and I still want this function, I use Virtual DJ for online streaming sets until they add an online broadcast option to serato. 2.0 wishlist!
akakak 3:44 PM - 6 August, 2017
Me too
DJCake 10:00 PM - 6 August, 2017
Seriously Serato, please listen to your users.
DJ Starfall 11:08 PM - 9 August, 2017
Seriously Serato, please listen to your users.

Hi fellow SL DJ :)
DJCake 12:21 AM - 10 August, 2017
Seriously Serato, please listen to your users.

Hi fellow SL DJ :)

Hi Starfall!
sentano 4:52 PM - 25 August, 2017
we want to streeeeeeeaaaaaaammmmmmm
Darkjester 1:40 AM - 8 September, 2017
I currently have to use either MIXXX, LiveDJ or SAMM to stream ala a Online Radio. I love Serato and use Serato when I DJ for the Derby Bouts/Wedding Parties, etc.. I would love to use Serato ala a Shoutcast/Icecast set up if you could.

People have been asking for 4+ years !!!!
akakak 12:18 PM - 12 September, 2017
It would be nice for Serato to at least respond to this thread once, and demonstrate they're actually listening. If not they either don't care, or aren't listening to their users at all.
DJCake 1:29 PM - 12 September, 2017
It would be nice for Serato to at least respond to this thread once, and demonstrate they're actually listening. If not they either don't care, or aren't listening to their users at all.

Couldn't agree more. It's almost like they don't want my subscription any more - because it doesn't make sense to keep paying for something I have to kludge and bodge around with 3rd party software, when their competitors already provide users with a solution. When I buy something outright, which is soon, it looks like Traktor or V-DJ
Dee Mahn 11:39 PM - 16 September, 2017
I would love this, eventhough I am beginner DJ
Dee Mahn 11:40 PM - 16 September, 2017
I would love this, even though I am beginner DJ
~CoNoR~ 7:18 PM - 15 October, 2017
I was very frustrated and disapointed after investing in in a DJJ SX2 , only to find i can not stream my gigs with serato without a load of cable spagetti and a 2nd laptop. VERY VERY dispointed. Wish i had read this thread before purchasing pioneer. As i would have bought something else. Look out on Ebay for a new DDJ Sx2 going up for sale.
akakak 7:26 PM - 15 October, 2017
That’s not Pioneer’s fault. It’s Serato’s.
~CoNoR~ 6:54 AM - 16 October, 2017
Well on the nice big box there are the words Pioneer and serato with the aim of providing a one stop DJ solution.

So yeah I expected a complete solution.....silly me
akakak 8:01 AM - 16 October, 2017
It is a complete solution, but no, there isn’t a streaming feature. Which is what this thread is asking for. Pioneer make hardware that integrates fully with Serato, Serato make the software.
~CoNoR~ 9:18 AM - 16 October, 2017
Yes I know. Wish serato would add it. So disappointed.
I guess for some reason they don't want to add it. Since this has been requested for so long.