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Dwayne33 10:31 PM - 16 July, 2008
Help!!!....i just purchased a Dell Inspiron 1525 with Windows XP....I downloaded Scratch Live 1.8.1, after a few seconds, I get a message that says "A problem has caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the progam and notify you if a solution is available". What do I need to do to stop this?!!!
RafaelM 10:33 PM - 16 July, 2008
If you use iTunes to organize your music - then refer back to 1.8.0
Dwayne33 10:36 PM - 16 July, 2008
Ok....will that keep me from getting kicked off after a few seconds?
RafaelM 10:39 PM - 16 July, 2008
Should. 1.8.1 isnt really compatible with iTunes AAC files. 1.8.0 should be better. There might be other things like - blue tooth being on, wireless being on - or any other applications, corrupt files etc. Well take it a step at a time. But the most common for this is iTUnes AAC files in 1.8.1
Dwayne33 10:41 PM - 16 July, 2008
I will give it a shot...I am uninstalling 1.8.1 as we speak....
Dwayne33 10:54 PM - 16 July, 2008
whew....that seems to have solved we'll see what happens when I do a gig......I will keep you posted...Thanks Rafael
RafaelM 10:55 PM - 16 July, 2008
Always. Good Luck!
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