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ITCH loops vs SSL loops

antonborisov 9:03 AM - 14 July, 2008
I don't have ITCH yet and I've sold my SSL long time ago, but now i'd like to prepare part of my music for ITCH with freely available SSL's offline player.

How loops will be interpreted by ITCH if i'll set them with SSL ? I mean we have three loop buttons combined with CUE points in ITCH vs five in SSL - so how it will?
Pene 10:13 AM - 14 July, 2008
Hi antonborisov,

In general as long as the number of cue points plus the number of loops is 3 or less then you should be fine.

To be more precise ITCH interprets SSL cues & loops in the following way:
1. if there are any cue points then the first 3 of these are loaded into ITCH's 3 cue/loop slots
2. if there are any loops with in points that match these cue points, the out points of these loops are matched to the previously loaded cue points
3. if there are any spare slots left then they are filled with any remaining loops

let us know if that's not clear :)
cMo 2:52 PM - 14 July, 2008
I'm not exactly clear on number 2.

Say you put cue point 1 on the down beat. Now say you put a 1 bar loop, starting on the down beat.

What do you mean the out point matches the previously loaded cue point?
Pene 10:11 PM - 14 July, 2008
If the cue point position is the same as the in point position of the loop then you will end up with just one combined cue/loop in ITCH.

The points need to be very close though for ITCH to consider them the same. The best way to do this is to jump to the cue point (using the number keys) and then set the in point for your loop at that position.