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VCI-300 Audio Output

DJ MDX 3:09 AM - 28 June, 2008
1) Does the Audio Output on both Master 1/4 and RCA work simultaneously or just one or the other?

2) Also is there a way to control the volume independently on either?

I also noticed there is not a booth output. It would have been nice to have one if the answer for #2 is no.

When I do my Internet Radio shows I need independent level controls because my output to stream usually goes thru my booth out.

Sam 3:36 PM - 28 June, 2008
There is only one output, and it is sent to both the 1/4 inch and RCA outputs, so
1) simultaneously
2) no
DJ MDX 3:41 AM - 30 June, 2008
Thanks Sam - I will have to figure something out for streaming.
cMo 3:54 PM - 30 June, 2008
What! No volume control for the booth??????????????

GOTTA BE KIDDING....................
DeezNotes 4:16 PM - 1 July, 2008
Thanks Sam - I will have to figure something out for streaming.

What I do for streaming is link the 300 into my 56.
DJ MDX 10:41 PM - 1 July, 2008
Well I was thinking, can't put my finger on the name of the device, but just something small and simple to input the RCA masters to and then output that with level control to my puter.

I know some of you know what I am talking about - any suggestions?
DJ MDX 10:59 PM - 1 July, 2008
Something like a one ch compressor