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Denon hc 4500 and serato

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inthemix22 3:27 PM - 14 June, 2008
I just posted this on the denon forums but figured I would give it a shot here also...

Just purchased the 4500 and using it with Serato and had some quick questions..

1. When I hit the "A" key on my keyboard to go back to the all crate on my serato screen the right deck starts to play backwards...How do I prevent that??

2. Is there a way to use the hot start similar to the previous denon models?

3. How do I get back to the beggining of the track without having to reverse to the beggininng of the song? In other words is there a one click back knob or button??

Also my laptop has a lot of trouble mimimizing the serato screen when the 4500 is hooked up...The computer freezes and I have to shutdown the computer and restart to get it going again...What am I doing wrong??Inthemix22

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Konix 3:38 PM - 14 June, 2008
1) Check the "playback keys use shift" option in the setup menu

2) Not sure, check here...

3) I would imagine you would need to set a cue point (see article above), you can also use the keyboard shorcuts I (left deck) and K (right deck) to go back to the beginning of the track (will need to use Shift+I/K if you have to "playback keys use shift" option checked)
Josh 4:20 AM - 17 June, 2008
did konix cover all your questions inthemix?
inthemix22 2:50 PM - 27 July, 2009
New Problem I having...Thought I would just attach it to this post....I am running a denon hc-4500 with version 1.9....Also tried 1.9.1 with the same problem.....When loading up a song it will immediately play with me hitting any buttons and play in fast forward mode....the only way to stop is to eject the song....This has happened with both versions and the only way I have gotten through my events is to go back to 1.8.3...Any Thoughts???